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Brambleberry recently announced the names of the fragrances we tested for the summer SOAP Panel! As you may recall, I tested the eight mystery fragrances in cold-processed soap:

All the SOAP Panel fragrances in cold-processed soap
All the SOAP Panel fragrances in cold-processed soap

Then I made a set of lotions to give away to one of my local customers for participating in a survey. I couldn’t wait to give them away, however, so I named them the best I could…

#1 I called “Buttercream Orange”
Actual name: Orange Cream Cupcake (woo hoo – so close!)

#2 I called “Lemon Verbena”
Actual name: Ginger Verbena (another close one!)

#3 I called “Mango Smoothie”
Actual name: Southern Peach (not bad…this one is actually for sale now!)

#4 I called “Pomegranate”
Actual name: “Tropical Punch” (eh. wasn’t too close on this one, but it’s also for sale!)

#5 I called “Garden Path”
Actual name: Exotic Fruit Smoothie (what??? how did I miss that? also for sale…)

#6 I called “Country Cottage” (I had no idea, obviously!)
Actual name: Caramel Vanilla

#7 I called “Caramel Coffee”
Actual name: MAPLE SYRUP! (I was truly surprised!)

#8 I called “Green Apple” (I’m telling you, when I compared it to a green apple fragrance that I already had, they smelled very similar!)
Actual name: Poppy Fields

So there were a few curve balls thrown in, but what a fun experience! Brambleberry will be announcing the chosen participants for their Fall/Winter Team on Wednesday! I decided to pass this time around, but I would definitely do this again. Did any of you guys apply?

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  1. I so wanted too but I live in Canada so can’t apply to be on the panel. I enjoyed hearing about others experiences though.

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