What My Hairdresser Said

I just got home from my first hair appointment since I started using a shampoo bar three and a half weeks ago. My hairdresser was impressed! She says my hair feels silky all the way to the ends, like I’ve had a hot oil treatment. (Except for one section on the left side of my head – apparently I’m still not doing a completely thorough job!) When she started cutting, she showed me that she only had to cut off half the amount she normally cuts, so my ends aren’t splitting as much. She didn’t think it had grown any faster, but it is definitely healthier! I asked her if she noticed extra breakage, and she didn’t – so that’s good too!

How my hair looks today

One of my blog readers sent me her shampoo bar recipe as well as a bar of the actual soap to try. Let me tell you, it is amazing! I could tell an immediate difference in the softness of my hair after using it. Much better than the shampoo bar I started with. I made up a hot-processed version of her bar, and it’s really good too, but not as good as her cold-processed bar. So guess what I’ll be doing soon!

And here’s the best news of all: she gave me permission to share the recipe with all of you! So watch for it tomorrow! I know you’ll love it!

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  1. Hey,that’s really good to hear. I have noticed my hair being very soft-it’s at least as soft as with commercial shampoo and conditioner. The only time there is ever a problem is if I don’t rinse well enough=a greasy place ewwww! Moral to the story-make sure you don’t have a brain fart in the shower and forget to rinse shampoo bar out of your hair>>> doh!

  2. Oh that’s brill news! I like when hairdressers say nice things LOL.. and I’m definitely checking out that recipe, I really want to make a shampoo bar again. The Rhassoul one I made just doesn’t do it for my hair but is actually lovely on my face!

  3. That’s so cool Amy! I can’t wait to see the recipe tomorrow. I love generous people!

  4. @Michele – yep, I think that may be my problem as well. Not getting it rinsed – or not getting soaped well enough.

    @Celine – Well, at least you’ve come up with a great facial bar!

    @Holly – Me too! I find most soapmakers are quite wonderful in sharing ideas, and I hope to be as well!

  5. I’ve been using my shampoo bars for three weeks now and my mother recommended to wash my hair twice everytime. It works much better for me, no greasy spots!

  6. I just wish I could remember which recipe I used for the bar I’m using just now! I do remember that it was actually a pet shampoo bar recipe, lol, but it’s really nice on my own hair too. I don’t mind sharing with my pets 🙂

  7. Great news about your shampoo bar! Not having as many split ends is a plus… no need to cut hair as often 🙂

  8. @Evelina – I had to use your advice tonight to wash my hair after the salon shampoo. It didn’t want to lather up! I’m afraid I’m going to have “gunky” hair again tomorrow until it adjusts back to the shampoo bar.

    @Nikki – Hey, if it works…

    @michelle – Yeah, the only trouble is I still have to go in for color! 🙂

  9. Amy,

    Great news, yay! And thank you to the generous soap maker that’s sharing her recipe! Are you still using a vinegar rinse and a conditioner?

  10. @Lisa – Yes, I am. I use a bit of conditioner on the ends, then add the vinegar rinse (about one part ACV, 3 parts water) on the scalp, and it runs down into my hair.

  11. I can’t wait to try my cold processed one, especially after reading your recent posts! My sister-in-law does my hair, and she gives me a kind of sideways look when I tell her that I’m going to try a shampoo bar (you know how they like their fancy hair products), so I am anxious to see what she says when I use mine. 🙂

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