Shampoo Bar, Day 9

In the last update, I mentioned that I was trying to use a little bit of conditioner instead of the vinegar rinse to help de-tangle my hair and prevent more breakage. Well, that one day without vinegar my scalp was itchy again, so I’ve gone back to using the vinegar rinse on my scalp, and a bit of conditioner on the ends. I also increased the ratio of vinegar to water in the rinse. It’s working better to condition my hair, but overall my scalp is feeling greasy/dirty faster, and I feel like my hair doesn’t have much body.

Shampoo Bar, Day 9

At least my hair feels very soft! We do have soft water, so that helps. I’m wondering how a different shampoo recipe will work – perhaps without cocoa butter? I’ve ordered a few new goodies to try out – should be fun! What can I say? I love to experiment!

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  1. Your hair looks great, Amy. I hope to photograph my hair tomorrow…. I’m curious -how would you have classified your hair (dry, normal, oily etc.) BEFORE you started the experiment? What would you say your vinegar/water ratio is? I think I’m down to about 25% vinegar in my spritzer bottle & then I rinse it like crazy….I admit I still miss that “artificial slick” of conditioner just a little bit!

  2. @The Soap Sister – I probably would say my hair is pretty normal, and maybe a little bit dry. I was using the Tres Semme Color Thrive shampoo & conditioner for brunettes & reds, and it was what I would call “moisturizing”. I liked it better than the Herbal Essences Color Me Happy shampoo I was using before that. And the vinegar/water ratio is probably somewhere between 25 and 33%. Hubby thinks the vinegar may be what’s making my hair brittle. I dunno.

  3. Amy,

    I’ve yet to make the shampoo bar that cocobong posted but plan to soon. Interesting about the cocoa butter. The only specific made for shampoo bars I’ve used are Lush and then a melt and pour one I made a few years ago.

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