Shampoo Bar, Day 6

In my last report, I had some ugly, nasty, greasy hair! Turns out, it only took one more shampoo for things to turn around. Day Five I had brand-new hair! However, I noticed something else that is going to get me in trouble with my hair dresser:

So many broken taken last night after my shower

It wasn’t that many months ago that I was in trouble for using hair elastics. Of course, I had been using ones with little grippy rubber balls all over them that were very useful for holding my hair up while I exercised, but they were also ripping my hair out!

Anyway, the damage appears to be similar. I’m afraid that the lack of slip from the shampoo bar made my hair more prone to breakage at the beginning. Now that my hair isn’t as tangled from using the bar soap, I think I will do better from now on. I did actually try a bit of conditioner instead of the vinegar rinse after my last shampoo. This may be necessary for someone with longer hair like mine. Anyway, it looks a bit better now that I’ve fixed it:

Taken this morning after smoothing with my large barrel curling iron

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  1. You need elastic that are cover with clothes, I think they call cloth elastic, I’m not sure, they will not break your hair.
    Go on with your shampoo bar, it’ll improve with the time.

  2. @Ana – Yes, I definitely quit using those really grippy rubber ones! Thanks for your encouragement with the shampoo bar – it does seem better each day. 🙂

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