Grape Soap – The Reveal

I know you weren’t overly impressed with my purple soap yesterday. The color I left you with in the mold wasn’t exactly pretty. However, you know if you are a soapmaker that there is a little bit of magic that takes place during saponification:

Grape Soap
Grape Soap

I had several people on my Facebook fan page, as well as one of my blog readers, suggest that I should try some grape pop mica. So I ordered it before I cut the soap. Even though I think this looks pretty good (the darker soaps are the ones that gelled and look the best), I will be anxious to try the mica as well. I’ll put in a good word for TKB Trading while I’m talking about their mica. Although they have a $19.50 minimum order amount, they also offer first class mail for orders under 13 ounces which made my shipping cost just $3.00!! It makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one offering great deals on shipping. (Great Cakes Soapworks offers first class shipping as well.)

Read about the second batch of purple soap.

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  1. Wow, I mean WOW! That color is perfect. Nothing like what it looked in the mold. It will be interesting to see the difference with the pop mica. That’s an awesome color!

  2. Well, I like the colour… but I don’t think it looks like grape! More like an anaemic blueberry 😉 Maybe it’s just my monitor.
    Perhaps you could tweak the colour with a touch of red??
    The pop mica is fantastic, but personally I like to deepen the colour with something else.
    TKB are great to deal with aren’t they? Helpful, efficient and with excellent dispatch. Taking about a working week to ship from USA to country Australia, you can’t complain about that! Of course the cost bites a little harder than $3 😉
    Keep up the experimenting… you’ll nail it in the end and WOW! I reckon it’s the best part of soapmaking.

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