Another Purple Soap Experiment

I made some purple grape soap again yesterday – this time with the grape pop mica, and just a little bit of the ultramarine slurry from the first batch. It came out surprisingly similar to the first batch – even a little more blue, and maybe not as dark.

Purple Soap Made With Grape Pop Mica
Purple Soap Made With Grape Pop Mica

For the sake of comparison, here are the two batches, side-by-side. I think the week or two of curing time for the first batch may have made it a bit more grey:

Left: Grape Pop Mica & Ultramarines, Right: Blue 1 & Ultramarines
Left: Grape Pop Mica & Ultramarines, Right: Blue 1 & Ultramarines

Anyway, I don’t think I’m done yet. For the next batch, I’m going to have to take Kerry’s advice and add more red. Possibly some brick red oxide would do the trick, and less ultramarine blue. Third time’s a charm, right?

Read about the third batch of purple soap.

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  1. So what do you do with the test batches that dont turn out quite like you want? Just curious. Some day I am going to try all this so I’m picking your brains. Looks like maybe sooner than later since I can no longer garden in our current location.
    .-= autumnesf´s last blog post ..Enter the Sandman =-.

  2. Sometimes I sell them in my bargain basket. Sometimes my girls get to use them. The girls are currently using the grey watermelon scented soap that I made for the seeds in my watermelon soap that was supposed to be black!! I’ll probably sell these since they are purple and grape-scented, even though they aren’t quite what I had in mind for the color.

  3. I like the the color. Very pretty. I’ve started felting all the soaps that don’t appear the way I want them to.

  4. Sorry Amy for missing your questions on this. I buy my felt from a local independent store that sells mostly natural toys for children, similar to this type of store:

    There are lots of other online shops like:

    The designs are sewn into the felt after it is felted 🙂
    .-= michelle´s last blog post ..ALL YOU HALLOWEENIES, I NEED YOUR IDEAS =-.

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