Soap Challenge – Week 11 (Last One!)

Oh my word. If you have not checked out the landscape soaps from last week’s challenge, please do yourself a favor and go check out the masterpieces in the link-up. There are some seriously amazing works of art!

I also want to remind the Soap Swap participants that the deadline for sending out your soaps is June 2nd – that is this Saturday! If you haven’t heard from your swap partner at all, please send me a quick note.

Now for the last challenge…we are creating a soap with all natural ingredients (except for the lye, of course!). Many soapmakers are very adept at this, and some will ONLY make soap with natural ingredients. This means no synthetic fragrances or colors can be added. You could use plant-based essential oils for scent or no scent added at all.

The challenge will be to use some natural ingredients that you have never used before. There are several great resources on how to color your soap naturally. I have been using the list from Muller’s Lane Farm for many years. Lovin Soap carries an amazing e-book by Jo Haslouer called Natural Soap Color that is an extensive resource.

Other fun ingredients you might try: clays, fruit or vegetable puree, milks, waxes, herbs or botanicals, seaweed, silk, honey, seeds, grains, coffee, loofah, aloe vera, vanilla specks…and so much more!!

For my soap, I chose to use rhassoul clay with several different fruit purees, plus three different kinds of milk – and I’m calling it Fruit Smoothie. I think it will make an excellent facial soap!

Here is how it all came together:

I think it’s going to be amazing!! Hope you have fun planning out your soap – and that my American friends have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day!

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  1. Can’t wait to see your soap cut, Amy. I never thought of adding baby food. Is the scent pretty good? The ideas would be endless. Great idea!

  2. I usually make all natural soap, but haven’t tried it with big amounts of puree. I’m thinking I have to discount water for it, is that right? I wouldn’t want it to stay soft like my salt bars STILL are.

  3. Yes, that’s correct, Kathy! I didn’t use a huge amount of puree either – about 1-2 oz. for 35-40 oz. of soap, so around 3%?? I can’t believe your salt bars are still soft!!

  4. Your soap looks and sounds great! Will be fun to see how it looks tomorrow. You’ll have to tell us how it smells too. I haven’t made my soap yet but want to make something tonight, so I won’t be able to post the results for a few days. Maybe after some time off, you can host one soap challenge a month?? Wouldn’t demand as much of your time and we could all stay in touch.

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