Soap Challenge – Week 11 Final Link-Up

So are you happy or sad that the challenges are wrapping up? I’m a little of both. Happy to have a little more time to spend with my girls – and company that’s coming to visit! Sad not to have all your lovely soaps to look forward to each week. And what on earth will I blog about now?? I’ll have to get creative again! (Remember, I am planning to do a link-up for the swap soaps in mid-July, so be sure to take some great photos of the packages you receive!)

Here is the lovely reveal of my Fruit Smoothie (all-natural) Soap for this week’s challenge:

Fruit Smoothie Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

I have to admit, I sent a sneak peek to all my Preferred Customers this week, and already have 5 bars spoken for! These wonderful soaps will be available at starting June 21st.

And now…for the final reveals! *sniff sniff*

Here are the instructions to add your link:

Bloggers: Create a post about your all-natural soap – with photos of course! Which fun ingredients did you use? Did you add any scent? Please include a link back to my blog in your post (either the home page, or this post should work nicely!).

Facebook business page photos: Upload your photo(s) into a photo album, and write a descriptive caption on the photo you are linking up to this post, including any interesting ingredients or scent you used. To link the photo, click on it, then copy and paste the URL into the “blog post URL” blank at the top. In the next step, it will show your photo, and you will need to select it. (If you press the “crop” button instead, you can adjust what the thumbnail of your photo will look like.)

YouTubers: You can create a link to a YouTube video of your soap! There will be a little frog icon instead of a thumbnail photo of the soap, but anyone who clicks on your link will be able to see your video. Starting on your video page, click the “share” button and copy the URL. You can use this URL for the “blog post URL” blank. Then in the next step, ignore all the tiny blue boxes and click the “direct image URL” tab across the top and paste the URL of your youtube video in the blank again and hit the “submit query” button.

Uploading a photo from your computer: If you don’t have a blog or business page on facebook or a youtube video, you can still upload a photo from your computer. Just put n/a in the “blog post URL” blank and go to the next step. It will give you an error message, but it will still work! Just click the tab across the top that says “upload from computer” and you will be able to browse your files and upload a photo. I will remove the dead link ASAP.

The link-up will remain open until next Saturday!

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  1. Amy, these turned out beautifully! I love how they changed over a few days. I will miss the challenges for sure, but you are absolutely right, when the kids are out of school for the summer you gotta enjoy life with them. Many, many thanks for putting these challenges together and ‘coaching’ us through your videos. You have totally pushed my soap making to the next level!

  2. Oh, I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re sad to see the challenges come to an end. I’ve really had a blast planning soaps, trying product and techniques I hadn’t had the “push” to try yet, and I’m SO hoping you’ll be willing and able to do a Fall challenge …or even Winter. Not much going on in the Winter months, so a challenge would be the perfect thing, but easy for me to say, right? 😀 Thank you again for all your time and energy, Amy. You’re a sweetheart and I’ve appreciated your comments and suggestions on my blog – they really are helpful to a new soap maker like me. I’ll keep following your blog to stay updated!
    All my best to you this Summer! ~Suzy
    Suzy Whitten´s last blog post ..WEEK 11 SOAP CHALLENGE Natural Soap

  3. “Suzy Whitten on June 2, 2012 at 10:29 am said:
    Oh, I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re sad to see the challenges come to an end. I’ve really had a blast planning soaps, trying product and techniques I hadn’t had the “push” to try yet, and I’m SO hoping you’ll be willing and able to do a Fall challenge …or even Winter.”
    Stacy´s last blog post ..Home Page

  4. Suzy said it. I agree with it. These challenges have pushed me, inspired me, and allowed me to “meet” other very talented soapers, in my own country and internationally. Thank you so much for the effort you have put in to the challenges. I hope you enjoy your summer break with your family. I’ll be thinking of you during our cold frosty winter.

  5. It has been great. Learnt a lot, due to work did not keep up but going to complete them in the next few weeks. As said, pushed, inspired and made us think and try things we would not have. Please do it again when you have time.

  6. Everyone’s soaps look great! I’m making mine today so it will be a couple days before I can add my photo. I made fresh carrot juice and cucumber juice last night and will be making a side by side type soap. Lye solutions are cooling now. I’ll be back!

  7. It was such a fabulous challenge, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful soaps people created. =)
    P.S. I love your fruit smoothie soap, it look fantastic!

  8. I sure am going to miss these challenges! I have had so much fun doing them. Thank you for pulling us all together to share this experience 🙂

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