Soap Challenge 2013 – Tiger Stripe Link-Up

It’s finally time to share our work from this week’s Soap Challenge! Tiger Stripes seem like a fairly easy technique, but I did hear from several of you (perfectionists!) that you took several batches to get it up to your standards. Ok, some of it was due to finicky fragrances, so we can blame it on that!

Here is my cutting video:

Now it’s your turn! This is the fun part, of course, because we all get to oooooo and aaaahhh over everyone else’s soaps. Everyone loves comments, so if you can leave an encouraging word for someone, do it! And here’s some exciting news: Once you post your work, you can take advantage of an offer from Brambleberry* for a free soap colorant sampler! The kit includes Titanium Dioxide, Electric Bubble Gum, Activated Charcoal, and Fizzy Lemonade Neon Pigment. Use coupon code TIGERKIT and it will be added to your order, or you can call them up and arrange for them to send it to you for the cost of shipping (estimated at a couple dollars).

So, let’s do this!! Each participant may add ONE link to their creation. Here are the instructions to add your link (this is how it worked last year – please let me know if anything has changed or you have problems!):

Bloggers: Create a post about your tiger stripe soap – with photos of course! You can describe how you picked your scent and colors, any problems you may have encountered or advice you might have. Please include a link back to my blog in your post (either the home page, or this post should work nicely!). UPDATE: When you link to your post, be sure it’s the link to the actual post, not just your blog link. Otherwise, when someone clicks on it later, and you’ve made more posts, they won’t be able to find the one you wanted to link with. I’ve already edited several of the links so they point to the post itself.

Facebook business page photos: Upload your photo(s) into a photo album, and write a descriptive caption on the photo you are linking up to this post, including the scent you used. To link the photo, click on it, then copy and paste the URL into the “blog post URL” blank at the top. In the next step, it will show your photo, and you will need to select it. (If you press the “crop” button instead, you can adjust what the thumbnail of your photo will look like.)

YouTubers: You can create a link to a YouTube video of your soap! There will be a little frog icon instead of a thumbnail photo of the soap, but anyone who clicks on your link will be able to see your video. Starting on your video page, click the “share” button and copy the URL. You can use this URL for the “blog post URL” blank. Then in the next step, ignore all the tiny blue boxes and click the “direct image URL” tab across the top and paste the URL of your youtube video in the blank again and hit the “submit query” button.

Uploading a photo from your computer: If you don’t have a blog or business page on facebook or a youtube video, you can still upload a photo from your computer. Just put n/a in the “blog post URL” blank and go to the next step. It will give you an error message, but it will still work! Just click the tab across the top that says “upload from computer” and you will be able to browse your files and upload a photo. I will remove the dead link ASAP.

This week’s link-up will remain open until next Saturday!

*affiliate link

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  1. Hi Amy – your soap turned out great! I love the pink stripe with the black and white. Thanks for organizing the challenges again this year. Traci

  2. Thanks for putting this soap party together again this year, Amy! Yours came out beautifully–I love the variation you got in the depth of the swirls.

  3. There are some gorgeous entries, I am enjoying going through them all….

    Amy thank you for hosting this again….

  4. Just wanted to say everyone’s soap is so beautiful. I’ve looked at all, but a couple links won’t let me comment. So, great job everyone.

  5. So many wonderful soaps can be seen here, I love how this challenge is organized!
    Credits to you, Amy, for your passionate dedication to this art!
    Your soap looks great, as usual!

  6. I am so enjoying seeing everyone’s beautiful striped soaps! What a fun idea!

  7. I love looking at everyone else’s work and creativity. The color combinations are stunning. I wish I could smell them all 🙂

  8. Love seeing all the great work; I was so excited to do my project that I forgot to line my mold before pouring! Can you believe that?! So my challenge didn’t come out very well. But I am going to try again later this week and hopefully get caught up with everyone else. thanks for the great challenge. I so appreciate all the time and energy you put into these Amy.

  9. Everyone’s soaps are just so very terrific! I wish I could sit here all day and let everyone know individually too! Just beautiful work…kinda makes me want to take up an obsession with new colors too after I see what everyone came up with ….trying soooo hard not to start ordering a ton more colors now 🙂 Seeing all these gorgeous soaps is so very uplifting today when it is dreary out here!

  10. So many beautiful variations all in one place! Thank you Amy for the challenge and getting my butt busy for my May show!

  11. Everyone did such a wonderful job. I really like this technique!
    Now, I’m going to post my Tiger Stripe Soap!
    Thanks, Amy for doing these challenges. I learn so much every time!!:)

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