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shampoo-bar3Leslie Hughes of Joyful Soaps has put together an interview of myself and The Soap Sister about our experiences with shampoo bars on her blog. (Update: this blog is no longer available)

While I love using Lisa’s Opus Shampoo Bar recipe, I’m planning to do a bit more experimenting with some other ingredients today – such as nettle powder, seaweed powder, and hemp seed oil. I think I even have some panthenol in my supply cupboard. (Does that stuff ever go bad?) I still believe that beer is the liquid of choice in a shampoo bar, but I may try one with some chamomile tea again.

The girls and I are planning a little trip to Screamin Oaks Farm tomorrow morning to pick up some more fresh goat’s milk so I can try some of the wonderful techniques that so many of you shared on how to make sure all the lye gets dissolved in my goat’s milk soaps.

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  1. I loved your honesty and thought how brave you were to show us all your pictures in your search for a good shampoo bar! You have put alot of time and research into this. I never would have given a shampoo bar a second thought until I read your posts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and hope you make a great bar to sell! I’d love to try it!

  2. @Lisa – Me too!

    @Elizabeth – Oh, I’m so glad you have enjoyed this information. The shampoo bars really are great!

    @Celine – That’s wonderful news! I hope the soap continues to treat you well at home also. 🙂

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