Registration for Soap Challenge Club Closing Soon!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that registration for this month’s Soap Challenge Club featuring the peacock swirl will be closing Monday, June 3 at 2pm CST. We have nearly 100 members! As soon as registration closes, we will have a roll call so everyone can introduce themselves. I asked members if they would be willing to post a comment on the guest post I wrote for the Soap Queen blog about the Club describing why they signed up since people over there don’t really know me. I was so encouraged by the response!!

I copied Melinda’s comment from there because it really shows that she “gets” it!

I decided to participate in this challenge because I have seen the camaraderie that transpires between soap makers from all over the world from Amy’s previous challenges. I have only been soaping for 5 months but love trying new things and learning from others. Of course, the bouquet or peacock swirl can be found demonstrated online from various sources, but for me this is about participating in a group where I can connect with other soapers, be challenged, and have fun! I don’t mind paying the small fee because I know how much time, organization, and sacrifice it takes to undertake such a large challenge. I appreciate how involved Amy is and how she answers questions and emails so promptly. I’m also thrilled that Brambleberry is involved with getting the word out to all our fellow soapers and am excited that someone will be getting of these great molds!


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  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am to participate in a soap challenge like this one. I have been making soap for quite awhile, but I have never pushed myself to excel. I love that I’m able to challenge myself to learn new techniques. I love the soaping community and respect them so much that this just makes this challenge so much more exciting…
    Thanks A lot!!!
    Janet Schreiner

  2. Thank you so much for sending your readers over to the Soap Queen blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading their responses and can’t wait to see all the fun versions of the Peacock Swirl. =)

  3. Got it, got it, got it, missed it!!!! So sorry I missed the info and signup for this! Will there be another signup?

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