Our First Soap Challenge Club Winner!!

This month we had 122 soapmakers from all over the world participating in the very first Soap Challenge Club!! Many of us learned how to do the peacock swirl for the very first time! Each participant had the chance to win an 18-bar slab mold with silicone liner from Brambleberry. Only Club members were eligible to vote for the winner: Tanya Bainbridge of The Stonesfield Soap Company! Here is a photo of her lovely soap:

Tanya's Peacock Swirl Soap
Tanya’s Peacock Swirl Soap

Before she even knew she had won, I received a lovely email from Tanya yesterday:

Just to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the chance to try out the Peacock swirl…what I have gained from learning the technique from you, giving me the chance to make a soap that I can say that I am truly delighted with, is well worth it in its own right, competition or not. This is one I shall definitely be making again in the future – I love it! It has been wonderful to see other soapers’ creations – quite inspirational!

She’s right! There were so many fabulous and talented soapmakers who participated – the voting was VERY close! In fact, if you’d like to see all the entries (not everyone chose to add their soap to the link-up) you can see them HERE.

I hope we’ll have more folks join us next month when we do the Mantra Swirl! Registration will open on Monday, June 24th!

Example of a Mantra Swirl I did several years ago!
Example of a Mantra Swirl I did several years ago! Planning to do more practicing!

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  1. Congrats to Tanya! That really is a gorgeous peacock swirl. =) I can’t wait to see what everybody will be doing with the mantra swirl, that is such a fun design to make.

  2. Congratulations Tanya, that sure is a totally gorgeous swirl! I just love the colours you’ve used, it’s really beautiful! I’m off to have a peak at all the other lovely soaps everyone has made:)

  3. This was so much fun for me…and to see all the lovely creations that everyone came up with was quite humbling. I’m so happy I found this challenge and will continue to join in the fun of future challenges! Everyone who entered should take a huge bow!!!! Awesome…simply awesome!

  4. What a fantastic job she did,and what a fun challenge. Great job for all who participated-there were some beautiful entries.

  5. Congratulations to Tanya. What a beautiful soap! I wish I could’ve joined in but alas, I don’t write a blog so figured I couldn’t join. All of the soaps were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hurray! Tanya, your swirl was absolutely gorgeous! Congrats. We know you’ll put that Brambleberry mold to excellent use. Can’t wait to see your future peacock swirl color combos!

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