Magma Soap Reveal, Givember, and a Soap Challenge Giveaway!

Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a fun post!! I have the second half of the video ready to go, and I have a coupon code from Brambleberry to share with you, as well a Soap Challenge involving a significant prize that could potentially go to anyone who chooses to participate. Do I have your attention yet?

Let’s start with the video, because it explains quite a bit. Plus, I think it’s super fun to see the soap for the first time as I’m cutting it!

Now, lets talk about Brambleberry’s Givember! <---Click the link for more information, but for Great Cakes Soapworks readers, use coupon code Givember200 throughout the month of November on all your orders with Brambleberry to be entered in a drawing for a $200 gift certificate!!

But that’s not all! As I mentioned in the video, I am hosting another Soap Challenge! To participate, soapmakers must come up with a soap that combines cold-process and melt & pour soap. You can do the same technique as the Magma soap if you like, or come up with something different. By the way, you can use your favorite cold-process recipe. It doesn’t have to be the one in the Magma soap tutorial.

Other tips for using the Magma soap technique:
1. You can also use your normal fragrance usage amount. Although the blend smells fantastic, the recommended amount in the tutorial seemed a bit high – which may be why I didn’t get the full amount of Energy fragrance oil.
2. Work fast because the melt & pour soap will set up faster than the cold-process soap! I kept thinking that I needed to work fast to get done before the cold-process soap set up, and since it was behaving rather nicely, I wasn’t in a huge hurry (although it would appear that I was when you watch that part of the video in fast motion!). Once I started swirling in the mold, I realized the melt & pour soap was definitely setting up, and it felt like I was dragging it around with my spatula – and that’s what felt so weird!!

To enter the drawing for the 5-lb wooden log mold with silicone liner, you must make a blog post showing your soap and describing the process, OR post a video on YouTube. Add the link to your post or video in the comments on THIS post. Deadline is Thursday, November 15 at the end of the day.

INTERNATIONAL SOAPMAKERS: You may also participate in the challenge and enter the drawing, but if you win, I will pay $15 toward shipping and you will be responsible for the rest.

Now, I just need to go figure out how to write out the ingredients list for the Magma Soap…don’t tell them, but I’m probably giving these away to family, friends and my girls’ teachers this year for Christmas!

Magma Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

UPDATE: If you are having trouble posting a comment, try using Safari or another browser. A couple people have had issues using Firefox, and until I figure out what the problem is, using another browser is the best solution!

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  1. oooh, you have me wondering if I could do this with hot process. you always have such good challenges – can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. 🙂

  2. Amy, this soap is so wonderful . I love that it has the see through bits from the M&P – I’m going to watch your video now and see what I can come up with, Linda

  3. Your Magma soap is great! You are right when you are swirling the melt and pour does drag. I was happy and surprised with mine and everyone that I gave a bar to just loved it including my daughter who is a liquid soap girl.
    I don’t have a blog though, I guess I need to look into how it is done.

  4. The Magma Soap turned out great, Amy! It sounds like a cool project. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for the soap challenge!

  5. That came out SO cool, Amy! What a fun project and the soap is incredibly striking. I’ll have to sit this challenge out, but I look forward to seeing all the MP/CP creations.

  6. I replied last night on your Youtube channel but I wanted to reply here too. I will be making this tomorrow! I cant wait! Hopefully my son can do the video for me. 😉

  7. I tried this awhile back myself but I did not get a swirl with my melt and pour. My attempts were more of glopping it all together. I still got a really cool looking soap though.

  8. I accept your challenge, I’ve wanted to include these two elements in a batch of soap for a while. I’m glad I read the comments, I would have been worried about my M&P and the gelling of the cold process. I will be sure to soap cool temps and put into the fridge to keep cool. Thanks Amy….. I’m excited.

  9. I tried the MPCP combination in 2010 so it’s an older experiment, so I’m not sure it will count. I embedded MP into CP. It was an interesting experiment and you’ve renewed my interest in the combination.
    When the soap got used the MP portion became more transparent and really looked like a tunnel through the CP.
    This is a follow -up post regarding the ‘sweating’ MP. Have you had any issues with sweating MP?

  10. Hi Audrey! I had sweating for a couple of days too. It’s been about a week now and it has all finally started to dry out. I know there is low sweat MP out there but did not have any for the challenge.

  11. Amy love your magma soap thank you sweet!

    OK I’ll give it a try too, why not. I’m in a lull waiting for the cure taking a break so we’ll see what I can come up with.


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