Magma Soap, Sponsored by Brambleberry!

Ever since Brambleberry sent me one of their 5-lb wooden log molds with a silicone liner after the Soap Challenges, I’ve been looking for a reason to use it! It’s not my usual size mold, but I’ve been so intrigued with the idea of a silicone liner…so when they contacted me about sending me one of their soap kits and doing a post on my blog, I immediately picked the Magma soap kit. Not only did it use the 5-lb mold, but it combined two different kinds of soaps that I had never combined before!

It also gave me a reason to make another video – something I hadn’t done in quite some time. Check it out:

Yes, I’m leaving you hanging for now…tomorrow you can see how the soap turned out, plus I will reveal a coupon code from Brambleberry as well as a Soap Challenge for my soapmaking friends to enter a drawing for a significant prize!

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  1. Great video, Amy! Bramble Berry is such a wonderful, generous company. I love the looks of the 5-lb. mold, and the silicone liner is a great idea. You picked a cool project – I can’t wait to see the Magma Soap revealed tomorrow!

  2. Very Nice Amy~! I always enjoy taking a break from work and watching your videos~!
    Can’t wait to see the finished project. So funny I did this yesterday as well (not the Magma) with a kit I bought from Brambleberry. I’m a M&P newbie as well. I was laughing at myself trying for figure out how to use M&P. But I was impressed with Brambleberrys M&P. Very nice! Seems like M&P should be easier~o;) I mean Melt and pour right? But for some reason I struggled with it yesterday. I’m gonna unmold today and see what’s up!
    Thanks again. It was a wonderful tutorial sweety

  3. I am new to soap making, actually haven’t even tried it yet, but just ordered enough supplies to make my first batch when they come in!
    Now to get my stick blender and other “tools”, then I will be set!
    I raise goats, Myotonics and this spring got 2 Nigerian Dwarfs, (Hot Lips) Luna & Jasmine, so I have what is said to be the best cheese & soap making milk there is!!
    I fell so in love with the Nigerians & their milk that when the opportunity arose for me to get 8 more Nigerians … well I had to.

    In researching soap making I found YOUR blog & Brambleberry’s site along with The Soap Queen.
    This tutorial couldn’t have come at a better time! I am very excited to start making my own soap & posting to my own blog & maybe selling some in my store 🙂

    Thank you Amy

  4. Hi Amy, Here is one that was done some time ago, it’s melt and pour swirled with cold process. Thought you may like the swirls and amber effect that can be achieved, I don’t make this style of soap as a production soap as melt and pour in Australia works out at $14.38 per kilo incl freight ie very expensive. Video on cutting.

    Here are some pics of a couple of soaps made with this method and

    Cheers Sharon

  5. Oooooh so excited – I made my soap and have posted on my blog and made a video. I cannot wait for you to choose the winner. Thanks to you Amy and Brambleberry. I ordered $300.00 of goodies and the package arrive the day the promotion started. What luck – or not.

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