What Do You Mean You Don’t Comb Your Hair?

These were my exact thoughts as I was reading the feedback from one of my shampoo bar testers. One of the questions was about how easily the tester was able to comb through her hair after washing it with my shampoo bar. Her response: “I do not comb my wet hair but did not experience any tangles while styling.” As I look back now, I realize that her hair is shorter than shoulder-length, so it makes more sense.

Well, this past week I decided to do a little experiment on my own hair. After I get done towel drying it, my hair is sort of wavy. Of course, after I’ve combed through it, it goes pretty straight. So I wondered…if I didn’t comb it, would it remain wavy? I haven’t had naturally wavy hair since before I had kids. With each pregnancy, it got straighter and straighter. Other shampoo bar users have reported that their hair has more waves, so maybe I could too!

Here’s a photo of my wet hair, right after using my shampoo bar:

My wet hair - I've scrunched it up a bit with my hands, but haven't used a comb on it.

Scrunching it up sort of brings back memories from the good old days when it was permed to perfection. Here’s one of my high school graduation photos with all my curly locks:

May 1992!!!

Ok, so back to the present. I can either diffuser dry my hair at this point, or just let it air dry. The conclusion is that most of the waves fall out, but at least the body remains:

My air dried hair

At this point, I can easily run my fingers through it. It’s not tangled. So now, I just use my curling iron to enhance the body that’s already there. I don’t have to use any mousse or gel, just a little bit of aerosol hairspray, and I end up with this:

My uncombed curled hair!

Or, I can put half of it into a clip, and have this:

My uncombed updo!

Quite honestly, I was beginning to tire of my long, straight hair and wondering if I should just get a new cut. Now, I’m pretty happy to have a couple more options! Today, I’m making a full-sized batch of the shampoo bars that my testers used. I’m getting a little bit giddy about being able to offer it for sale – finally! Of course, it will be a few weeks before it’s done curing…

So now, I’m curious. Anyone else NOT comb their wet hair? Is it short or long?

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  1. I don’t comb or brush my hair when it’s wet, either. I have very long hair. I use conditioner after I shampoo, then I let it dry as-is. If I try to comb or brush my hair wet, it breaks a lot more.

    As I am in the process of growing out for another donation to Locks of Love, I do whatever I can to prevent breakage, so that includes not combing when wet! 🙂
    JJ´s last blog post ..Let’s get this party started

  2. I don’t comb my wet hair either. My hair is about shoulder length but I have dreadlocks. I am testing my own shampoo bar, also.

  3. My hair has natural curl. If I do absolutely nothing to it, it’s just a big wave. If I’m going to wear it curly, I NEVER run a comb or even fingers through it once out of the shower. If I”m going to blow it out straight, then yes, I comb it. Now, I have a scrunch trick so you don’t have to actually scrunch it. You know what jaw clamps are? They are big clips with teeth. I take my wet hair, throw some liquid gel scrunched into the ends, and “wad” clumps of my hair all the way to my head and put a clip in it. I usually do 4 clumps for my whole head. And I let it mostly dry like that. I take them out and finish the last bit of drying with a diffuser, which only takes a couple minutes because it mostly air dried scrunched. This works like a charm… the lazy way for curls! 🙂 If you want pictures of what I use and how I do it, I will actually take them and send them to you!
    Angie Platten´s last blog post ..New local class!

  4. Your hair looks great! I think we have similar hair; mine tends to go straight after combing it when wet, but is wavy if I don’t. I seem to be losing my natural wave too. Maybe it’s a post-pregnancy result?

    My hair is shoulder length and I mostly comb it when wet. I think I’ll try your suggestions, as I’m looking to change-up my hairstyle without a cut just yet.
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..Christmas Reflections

  5. I don’t comb my hair when wet either. I have long hair but it’s thin and fine and breaks easily. I have combed it wet before and my hair looks exactly the same when dried whether I comb it or not.
    Holly´s last blog post ..A Friendship Swap!

  6. Actually just thought of it that I do not comb or brush either before blowing/styling. I blow dry most of the way either lifting my hair or hanging my head upside down. Then finish with a round brush barrel blow dryer to put in more body and style. My hair is in bob above my shoulders in length and looks to have about the same kind of body yours does when scrunched and wet.

  7. I have the exact opposite situation. I can only comb my hair when it’t wet. I dare touch it when it’s dry! It would cause much breakage for me.

  8. I especially like your hair with the updo. Another thought about long hair losing it’s wave/curl is that it may be due to the weight of it coupled with combing it while wet. When my hair was longer and I’d get a haircut, it would revive the waves/curl but my hair is quite thick. Now it’s pretty short and still wavy so I could go without combing it, just use gel, finger comb it and let it air dry.

  9. I think my hair is a lot like yours. About 6 months ago I ditched the hair dryer and straightener to start wearing my hair curly/wavy. I do comb my hair when wet; but only in the shower with conditioner in, upside down (is that complicated enough? haha) When I wear my hair curly I don’t towel dry it either since it causes frizz, instead I use my husband’s t-shirts or a flour sack towel to blot water and scrunch my hair with a bit of gel for hold. Once my hair is dry I scrunch it again to get rid of the “crunchy” look gel can give. It seemed like a lot of work at first but the longer I have gone with what my hair does naturally the healthier and easier it has gotten.
    Nichole´s last blog post ..Happy New Year!

  10. I actually don’t comb or brush my hair at all. Well, not *at all*, some times before I get in the shower I will brush my hair out just because it feels good. It’s about 4 inches past my shoulders. A little over a year ago it was to my tush, and I only brushed it *for fun* then, too. My hair is very fine, has a bit of a wave to it, and if properly conditioned no brushing is needed. I do this flip down and up thing maybe twice and I’m good to go!
    Candy´s last blog post ..So they say…

  11. I have naturally curly and I also don’t comb it. If I’m going to leave it curly then I just let it air dry.If I’m going to straighten it out I wait until it’s completely dry, then I comb it out. My mom & my sister who have naturally curly hair are the same way

  12. probably about 15 years ago i read an article in some teen beauty magazine that you shouldn’t comb your hair when its wet and that heat is bad for it… elementary i know… since then i rarely use heat. ( i blow dry about once a year) and it even makes me wine when the stylist combs through my hair when its wet. i have a brush somewhere in the house, but i couldn’t tell you exactly where because i rarely use that either. i run my fingers through when its wet and let it air dry and have very little breakage.

  13. You have beautiful hair. It is funny, my hair has gotten curlier after each pregnancy. I don’t often comb my hair much at all, mostly I just wash and let it dry and then put it up in a barrette of some type. It used to be past the middle of my back, I recently cut it off, but decided to grow it back again. Good to know that I am not the only one that doesn’t do the whole fix-it morning routine. 🙂
    Michelle´s last blog post ..K5 Learning Review

  14. I am enjoying reading all the comments as well, and just amazed at how differently we care for our hair than even our mothers did. (Of course, our skin care regimens have changed too, so why should I be surprised?)

  15. @Angie I would love photos of how you do it lol! I’m always looking for easy/lazy ways to do my hair!

    My hair is just past my shoulders. I don’t comb/brush it at all. After I get out of the shower, it’s wrapped up in a towel to try. Then I take the towel out and do the crazy flip up and down to get as much water out of possible. Then I leave it. In the morning I just use my fingers to put it up behind me to keep it out the way.
    Melani´s last blog post ..Hang with an Orangutan soap!

  16. When hair is wet it stretches and breaks easier. Lots of hair dressers will tell you not to comb it if it’s wet if you have easily damaged or thin hair.

  17. My hair changers with my hormones, I have pretty irritating hair [because I’ve only lived for 20 years, I have been living in a constant hormonal change, what a joy]. I had light brown and curly hair as a toddler, dark brown and very very very straight hair in elementary school, when I hit puberty it became lighter and very frizzy, then poofy, then wavy and eventually curly. It’s my 20th birthday in a few days, and my curls/waves have disappeared, it’s not straight either, only the ends tend to curl up [disturbs me a lot]. I’ve not changed much in my hair routine in the last 5 years, and part of it is to only brush my hair right before I go in the shower. However, now that my locks are straightening out, I will have to brush it more often, because it just looks a mess :/

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