Tranquil Pear and Bye Bye Bugs Soaps Now Available

Happy First Day of Spring!!

I am excited to share that I have just a few Tranquil Pear soaps available from the crazy soaping adventure with my younger daughter. Two people are going to get soaps with parrots on them – who will it be? According to the supplier, this fragrance has effervescent notes. Doesn’t that sound especially wonderful? I just know that I LOVE this juicy pear scent! Because of their shape, they are also a bit larger than our rectangular bars – extra bonus!

Tranquil Pear soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

I made plenty of Bye Bye Bugs soap to last through at least June, I hope! Bug season is starting early in many places because of the mild winter we’ve had. I’ve already had requests for this soap – sooner rather than later! It works great as a camping soap, or if the bugs just love to nibble on your skin, use it as your regular summertime soap. The more often you use it, the better it works!

Bye Bye Bugs soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Oh, and in case you are worried about the scent, it’s not off-putting to humans. The essential oil blend includes sweet orange, lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, litsea cubeba, peppermint catnip & menthol. I may have added a touch of lavender (also a great insect repellent) this time around as well to stretch the blend.

Leigh Miller from Virginia gave us this review: “This soap is fabulous!!! I am typically eaten alive by mosquitoes every year, but last year I used Bye Bye Bugs in the shower (shaved my legs with it!) and did not get ONE bite (unless I didn’t use it!!!). I am passing this soap out to family members this year!!!”

Click the photos to order. Buy any 4 or more soaps, get $1.00 off each soap!

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