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GreatCakesSoapworks_new175x135Back in January 2005, I named my business Great Cakes Soapworks because of a slogan that I believe was divinely inspired: “A great cake of soap can cleanse your body, but only a great God can cleanse your soul.” I woke up one morning and it was just in my head. It reflects my faith, as well as the quality of my product, and it will always be part of my business. However, I’ve come to realize that I need something short and sweet that’s easier to communicate. Now that I have a new logo, I’m ready for a new tagline!

I’ve tossed around a few ideas, but I haven’t been able to land on anything yet. So now I’m asking for your help! I’m looking for a quick tagline that is no more than three or four words. I’ve learned that it should be ONE of these four things:
1. What you do,
2. Who you do it for,
3. How you do it, or
4. A mantra/value you stand behind

Enter your suggestion(s) in the comments below. No limit on entries, but I will only be accepting them until this Sunday, July 12th at 10pm CST. If I end up using your suggestion, or your suggestion leads me to the tagline that I end up using, you will win your choice of FIVE bars of soap!

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. You could put a reference to a bible verse that is important to you. for example
    John 1:9

  2. I meant mine as two different entires. Just realized I wrote it in a confusing way.
    “With heart and soul” -or-
    “For heart and soul”.

    I kinda wish we could vote.

  3. Simply Divine
    Soulful Suds
    Divinely Cleansing
    Crafted with Care
    Soulfully Crafted, Artisan Soap

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