Soap Challenge – Week 6

This week’s Soap Challenge is making a faux funnel pour soap! I believe this technique was first introduced on Brambleberry’s Soap Queen blog last July, and has since become quite popular in the soapmaking world. Some of the newer soapmakers will be excited to try it for the first time, and I realize that many of you have already experimented with this technique to what you think is its fullest potential, but perhaps not!

For the most basic faux funnel pour soap, you will simply need to divide your soap batter into four equal parts, coloring each part differently. Then you will just start pouring the soap in small pools on top of each other – usually trying to stay in the same order of color as you pour. High contrast colors will create the most striking results, but remember that clays and oxides are going to set up faster than micas and other natural colorants. You will need plenty of play time, so be sure to use plenty of liquids in your soap, and a scent that is perfectly behaved! Here is an older video I created of my peacock soap using this method:

Ok, advanced soapmakers who need a challenge! I have a couple of ideas for you.

1. First of all, who says you have to stick to four colors? Why not five or six? Let’s get a little bit crazy, shall we?

2. While the faux funnel method was originally created in a log mold, I’ve also seen a couple soapmakers who are quite successful at using this method in a slab mold. The lines are just a bit different…

3. Since we aren’t doing the hanger swirl method as one of the challenges, why not do a bit of hanger swirl action after you have poured using the faux funnel method? Ironically, this was the method used in the latest Soaping 101 video which was a complete coincidence! (There is also some great advice on choosing colors on this video.)

4. I don’t know if this one can really be categorized as a faux funnel pour soap, but here’s another slab mold idea that I would like to try some time by Anita’s LaLaLand

So, does everyone feel like they have something they can work on for this week’s challenge now? I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations!!

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  1. @Edigo – I don’t see why not. That was one of the techniques that didn’t make the list, and it’s certainly done in a somewhat similar fashion!

    @Michelle – It is rather catchy, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Now, this i’ve got to do. I am soaping this week and will make time to try this, thanks Amy

  3. This is not the way I have seen other faux column swirls done but I really like the effect it gives! It is a much better technique for a log mold I believe. I’m so going to try it 🙂 Besides I recently did a column swirl the regular way-lol

  4. The coloring of this soap Amy is amazing. Oh great cakes what colors to use. I’m going to go crazy with this one for some added fun! Aloha!

  5. I just finished mine as a 4 natural/pigment color in a slab mold but forgot my fragrance. LOL. O well, I’ll get to try again later.

  6. @Gretchen – Oh no!! I believe I heard someone else did the exact same thing. Here’s a tip that person received that I will pass along to you: put your container fragrance inside your soap mold so you’ll be sure to remember it!

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