Soap Challenge – Week 10

The suggestion for this week’s challenge came from Pamela Leis of By the Sea Soaps. We are creating a landscape soap! What on earth is that? Well, from what I understand, it is an artistic technique that captures some sort of natural landscape in soap! I would also venture to say that this challenge could include sea or sky.

Almost two years ago, I created a soap called Almost Paradise, based on a customer’s idea for the name and the way she envisioned the soap as a beach scene:

Almost Paradise Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks, made August 2010

I created a new soap for the challenge that is called Poppy Fields:

Here are some other ideas for inspiration:

House of the Rising Sun by Green Scene Soap Co.

Starry Night by Newt + Fig:

Earth Soap by SoapArt

Hope you have fun with this one! There are so many different things you can create!

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  1. I looked on Pinterest and just typed in “pretty landscapes” and I picked one that also has a sun in it! I hope I can do it justice. It’s listed as Porthoustock, England. I have to get busy on some embeds first! Love your landscape soaps! The first one is so clean and bright looking.

  2. Great idea for a challenge! I love your Almost Paradise soap. Thanks for sharing my Earth soap! I enjoy following your challenges and seeing what other soapers come up with. The creativity always amazes me.

  3. LOL oh my gosh I had no idea there were so many out there! Amy your Paradise soap is wonderful! And the Van Gough Starry Starry Night is so amazing and with the music! I certainly enjoyed that! Oh no the hunt is on for the perfect coloring!

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