Sneak Peek: Black Raspberry Creme Soap

Black Raspberry Creme is one of those fragrances that never goes out of style. I love it because it’s sweet and yummy – AND it is a dream to work with in soap. You get that creamy vanilla scent without the dark brown discoloration that so many vanilla fragrances create in soap. And it never sets up too fast either which gives me plenty of time to play – love that!

This time around, I did a little bit different swirl in the mold that I’ve never done before, so I will be anxious to cut it tomorrow!! Until then, here is a sneak peek at the top – with just a little bit of glitter:

Black Raspberry Creme soap in the mold

My older daughter told me that I swirl the tops of my soaps the same way every time. I can’t help it. So I decided to change it up and do diagonal zig-zags instead. But then the edges didn’t look finished, so I had to do my usual curly-ques – but only along the edges! See if she notices!

Cut pics tomorrow…

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  1. Exciting to see how that loaf turns out? I love the way our kids give us guidance all the time, mine are such a support, following everything I do, quick to point out mistakes but quick to let me know when I get one just right. We need to listen to them – the next generation and all that!! my son is helping tomorrow with my challenge attempt video, he loves it!!!

  2. This soap looks awesome. the fragrance sounds wonderful, and to have one with a vanilla scent and not turn brown is wonderful. What company sells this fo? Needs a scratch-n-sniff on the computer 🙂

  3. Amy that top looks beautiful. I have a hard time imagining scents sometimes, but if you say it’s sweet & yummy I believe it! 🙂 Isn’t it nice to work with scents that don’t seize? I wish the big fragrance oil companies would have a “non-accelerating” category…..hmmm…..maybe I’ll suggest that! 🙂

  4. @The Soap Sister – Thanks for your comment!! I only buy from companies that tell me what a fragrance is going to do in cold process soap. It’s not worth it to have to test them all myself!

  5. That looks and sounds so yummy. Is it bad manners to ask who sells the wonderful FO that behaves and smells good? You have found a gold mine if you have anything with vanilla in it that doesn’t turn brown 🙂 Your chocolate soap the other day made me want brownies now I want frozen yogurt.. lol 😉

  6. I love the sneak peak of your Black Raspberry Creme soap! Your picture is fantastic, especially when we are able to see that little bit of glitter you put on top!

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