Shampoo Bar, Day 1

Shampoo Bar, Day 1

After I cut the shampoo bars yesterday, they were actually pretty firm by evening. I fixed myself a diluted bottle of apple cider vinegar with a yorker cap (which Michele recommended), and grabbed up one of the end pieces of soap on my way to the shower last night. I had visions of loads of creamy lather, leaving my hair feeling oh, so clean, and I wasn’t too far off. The lather was ok, but not as abundant as I was dreaming. Of course, what do you expect from one-day-old soap? I’m sure that part will get better with time. I did feel some tingling on my lips from the essential oils as some of the soap came down my face. (It’s possible I added a bit too much for a hot-processed formula.)

The vinegar rinse was definitely needed at the end. I felt like I had to use a LOT to get my hair de-tangled. But then, my hair is getting rather long and unruly anyway! I can’t smell the vinegar at all now that my hair is dry, nor the rosemary. My scalp has been a bit itchy today, and my hair is sort of lack-luster – but CLEAN. I’ve already decided I’m in this for the long haul! Tomorrow will be better, right?

Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday – they were great! I’m still open to tips on ingredients and such, as I’m sure I’ll be tweaking my recipe soon!

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  1. You can use a regular conditioner with a shampoo soap bar too, if you decide you need it. Give it at least a few washes first though to be sure 🙂

  2. I wash my hair twice. The first time seems to work on the cleansing part and the second time gives me lots of lather and then I know my hair is clean. Besides the apple cider vinegar rinse I cheat and use a cheap conditioner too. I would never be able to comb my long hair otherwise. My hair is shiny and soft!

    I’m currently using a bastile type soap with low coconut and high castor. It’s kind of soft, but I just keep it dry. I really like a bit of jojoba in mine too. Great for the scalp.

  3. Hi Amy! I am also a shampoo bar convert. My first attempts were disasterous but I adore my shampoo bars now. My favourite has a 4% SF and a ton of Castor Oil, a lot more than 5%!!! My normal soaps have about 3% Castor oil in them. I have never gotten the vinegar rinse totally down pat… I can’t get find just plain white vinegar here anywhere. So, I use Apple Cidar vineger. At Michelle’s suggestion. I put a little in a bottle, then top it up with warm shower water, then rinse. But even when dry, my hair still smells like vinegar… Are you using conditioner? I have made a hair oil, with a simple combination of hair-loving ois and essential oils. Then after washing I put in a DAB (yes, just a 1 finger dab). I rub in on my hands, then spread over my hair and voila!! Not bad, still looking for the perfect formula. I also dye my hair and no problems with the shampoo bar directly after dying. I LOVE SHAMPOO BARS!!!!! I have noticed a differenc in the SF though. I ran out of my favourite shampoo bar recently and am using an older one with a higher SF (6%). After 2 days, my hair feels greasier than normal. Usually I wash my hair every 2 or 3 days. So, keep the posts coming! Let us know how it goes!! xo Jen

  4. I’ve also made shampoo bars – the first lot were a total experiment using FCO instead of coconut! If Soapcalc says this makes a very hard bar, they lie! Anyways, we love it! We’re running out of it now and I’ve used my own regular bar soap and that worked too as well as my own facial cleansing bar LOL so not sure I can advise what’d be best. I’d love to try a higher Castor level and maybe something like Wheatgerm oil because it’s so hair loving – plus I read on a blog just morning that cetyl can be used as a sub for jojoba (given the huge rise in prices) so wonder if you could use that in a poo bar? Interesting. I love doing mad experiments! Anyway, I’m still going to experiment – I’m going to HP ones from now on because then I don’t have to wait so long to try them out! Oh and I use my regular conditioner (Dove… I know, I should be ashamed!!!) and my hair is perfect (and it’s dry and loves conditioning) plus I use only a dab of conditioner these days instead of the tons I used to have to use when I use the Dove shampoo too. Now, I need to get around to making my own conditioner too (made a solid one for hubs and he loves it but it does nothing for my hair). I’ll shut up now, looks like I’m writing a novel!!!
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  5. Thank you so much for your fabulous feedback and experience, gals! Day Two is already better than Day One. My scalp isn’t nearly as itchy, and it didn’t take quite as much vinegar either. Can’t wait to get through this transition period!! Will keep you all updated.

  6. I’ve used shampoo bars but they all left a film on my hair. I didn’t use the vinegar rinse because I thought I would smell like a pickle or something the rest of the day. LOL! Great to know that the vinegar doesn’t stick around. I wish you success with your shampoo bar!

  7. BTW/I forgot to say that your hair looks really beautiful though. It has a great shine! Looks like you are on the path to creating something great 🙂

  8. @Michelle – Sorry you didn’t find something you liked. My hair still feels sort of gunky as it adjusts to the bar soap, but I’m going to stick it out!

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