Pre-Order: Sweet Pea & Rhubarb

Having been inspired by the sweet pea soap made by Amy at Tenth Avenue Soapworks for the piping challenge, I decided to do something similar for a Mother’s Day soap. Last year I used the Sweet Pea & Rhubarb fragrance to make soaps for Valentines Day, using an entirely different technique!

Here’s the soap in the mold that I posted on the Great Cakes Soapworks Facebook page yesterday:

Sweet Pea & Rhubarb Soap in the mold

I had swirled all three of the colors on top into the base of the soap as well, so I was anxious to see how it turned out on the inside! Ta-da!! Here is a photo of some of the bars after they were cut today:

Sweet Pea & Rhubarb Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

I love the way the swirls turned out inside! I had to cut each of these by hand to make sure each bar would have a sweet pea on top, so they aren’t perfectly the same. I know, it’s shocking! A four-week cure time will make them ready on May 8th, and with Mother’s Day coming up the following weekend, it will be cutting it awfully close!

So…I have decided to offer a pre-order on these. That means you can purchase them now, and I will ship them on May 8th. If you order the Sweet Pea & Rhubarb soap, you may add other things to your order to help off-set the cost of shipping, but it will ALL ship together on the 8th. Or you could have it shipped directly to your mom – just put her name and address in the shipping address, and let me know what you’d like me to include in a note from you in the shipping instructions.

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  1. Amy that is a simply stunning soap, I love the way the piped colours on top match the wonderful swirl inside the bar. It is truly beautiful well done!!

  2. This is so cute. I liked Amy’s soap a lot too. Those flowers are so perfect and your swirls are so pretty. I’d like to see more pictures of them.
    Dennise´s last blog post ..Three New Soaps

  3. Oh Amy, wow! That one is really stunning! The piping work is just lovely and the swirl is an awesome surprise touch! I am loving this! (and pre-ordering…;))

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