Now THAT Was Funny!

My daughter is armed and ready with the sample bottle of lotion!
So, I brought my oldest daughter with me to the Overland Park Fall Festival again this year. She was a champ at offering people samples of the Jojoba-Shea Lotion! We sold out of the Almond Milk fragrance (I have more, just waiting for the bottles I ordered to arrive). Surprisingly, we only sold two of the Gingered Pear lotions! People would smell it and say how much they loved it, but didn’t buy.

My daughter then had the grand idea to give samples of the Whipped Shea Butter. We have a wooden spatula to dip in the jar, so she was putting a dab on their hands. Then an older lady came by and couldn’t hear my daughter ask if she wanted to try some whipped shea butter. So my daughter wasn’t sure what else to do, but hand the spatula to the lady so she could apply it herself. Instead she said, “Butter?” and licked the spatula clean!! I think my jaw must have dropped to the ground. I promptly came out from behind the table and explained that it was shea butter. She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, I guess my insides will be healthy,” and walked on. After she left, my daughter and I just stared at each other until I busted out laughing.

That’s never happened before!

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  1. 😀 Oh, dear! Well, it must have tasted good if she licked the spatula clean. I know what you mean – sometimes I have to explain at craft shows that my soaps are not food. And this time of year, I seem to have so many food-scented soaps! Glad the show went well!
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  2. I’m just glad it was the unscented version – only three ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Certainly won’t hurt her, but I can’t imagine that it tasted all that wonderful!

  3. That is a SCREAM! LOL! Your daughter will never forget that, I’ll bet! I just cracked up. The closest I’ve come to that is my dear Aunt took a nibble from one of my “chocolate” hand soaps. (Needless to say, she spit it out!) What’s really a hoot is that “unflappable” attitude in older ladies -something I hope to have one day! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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