New! Chai Tea & Honey Lemon Lip Butters

I am continuing to change up the lip butter flavors, and I believe I have two more winners for you!

Honey Lemon and Chai Tea Lip Butters

It took several test batches to get them perfected, but I believe you will love the results! Chai Tea is a warm, comforting flavor with extra vanilla, cinnamon, and just a hint of sweet added. I expected to like this one more than the Honey Lemon, but then the Honey Lemon knocked my socks off!!

Just to smell it, you would think it’s just a regular ol’ honey lip balm. Not so once applied!! You get the honey, and then you get the lemon, and also a hint of sweet that lingers on your lips. Just enough to make you love it, not enough to make you want to lick it all off – at least I didn’t!

These two lovelies have been added to the Great Cakes Soapworks website and are available for purchase, along with our six other fabulous flavors and non-flavored Nourishing. (There is just one Orange Creamsicle left…) Click the photo to order!

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  1. These look like must haves and I’m almost out. Know what? Hubs flys out today for an interview tomorrow… Kansas City. My next order could potentially be a pick up.

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