Making Soap with a Friend, Part 2

Missed part 1? Check it out here.

After Kenna finished making her soap, I was ready to start mine. I had picked out four different micas to create my latest favorite method: faux funnel pour soap.

Purple, green, orange, and pink micas in some oil

I had re-heated my oils using Kenna’s hot plate, and overshot the temp I was aiming for, so by the time my lye solution cooled to near 85, the oils were still around 95 degrees. It didn’t take much stick blending to get to a light trace.

Stick blending the soap, and dividing it into the four cups of color.

Kenna thought it was hilarious that I was weighing out the soap into each cup of color. They ended up not being all that equal anyway… I suppose I could loosen up a bit. Maybe.

Stirring up the micas and soap

Here are the various stages of pouring in the four different colors:

Adding pools of soap in alternating colors until the mold was full

Oh, and I also remembered to bring some cups for mini soaps:

Two mini soaps with swirled tops

These will end up in grab bags as soon as I’ve gathered enough of them!

By now you are probably ready to see the cut soap, aren’t you? Ok, no more waiting:

Groovy Guava Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

The colors have lightened up some, but still look pretty great! The name Groovy Guava really doesn’t capture the full beauty of its fragrance, but it does describe the fun colors! After curing for four weeks, it will be available at starting February 16th.

Making soap with a friend sure was fun! Of course, we grabbed some lunch at Panera when we were done. I didn’t think to bring any towels or blankets to wrap around my soap while it sat in my van. Kenna scrounged around her car for a couple of her girls’ jackets and a small receiving blanket while we ate and chatted. I’d say chances are good we’ll do this again! We are at the very least inspired to try each others’ techniques. I’ve already planned out a gradient colored soap in my head…

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  1. Amy, I LOVE your “faux funnel pour soap technique”!! I’ve been wanting to try a funnel type pour soap, but kept
    overthinking the process with “what to use to pour the soap over,etc.”!! And now I see how easy it can be by just pouring one color after the other and placing the colors in different areas of the mold. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the inspiration I get from you!!! Hey, I’m a lot like you 🙂 I have to measure every little thing and make lots & lots of notes!! I think it’s the scientist in me that’s been trying to get out for years!!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I really enjoyed the “Making Soap with a Friend” blog posts. The funnel pour is one that I’ve had a lot of trouble with and after seeing your photos I’m excited to try again. I will definitely try pouring in different places in the mold. Do you cut ‘normally’ or do you cut the loaf horizontally and then vertically into individual bars? I hope that made sense. 🙂

  3. That is sooooooooo pretty, you have me hooked! I just made one myself today too. I love that you weigh the soap into each of the jugs, that is funny (I just eyeball it). Love your colours too, we must swap notes on the micas we’ve used from that company that we’ve found are soap safe. Have you used any blues from them?

    Anyway, enough of questions, I love love love your soap and it’s so great you and Kendra got to soap together.

  4. Amy, both yours and Kendra’s soaps turned out beautifully! I love the faux funnel pour – I’ll have to give that a try someday. It must be fun to have a soaping buddy!

  5. You gave me a bug! I did the faux funnel pour method last night, and cut it today. Fab!

    It was definitely a treat to see our different soapmaking styles collide. Now to think of how to collab next… hmm…

  6. @Joanne – So glad to inspire you!

    @Traci – I cut it like I normally do.

    @Celine – Definitely need to get a list going. I haven’t found a pink that stays bright – turns more rose. Kendra used blue in her salt soap and it was perfect…can’t remember which one it was now. I want to say it’s Magic Blue.

    @Jenny – Definitely give it a try! It’s not hard if you have a slow moving fragrance.

    @Kenna – Let me know if you think of something! 🙂

  7. Hello,
    Your soaps are really superb, I love your colors!!!
    I did of them several with this method thanks to you. thank you

  8. Amy your soap is beautiful. I have tried the micas and it did not turn out the color I wanted. Do you use the oils from you soap batch to mix your color in or do you use glycerin?

  9. @Donna – Yes, you really must! It’s Saponification Sunday after all!

    @Debbie – Yes, I used oils from the soap batch, but I’ve also used glycerin with good results. If the color isn’t strong enough, t’s possible you aren’t using enough mica. You really have to use quite a bit more than you would with ultramarines or oxides. I used 1/2 tbsp. in about 2 cups of soap.

    @Ambra – Thank you so much!

  10. I think you make the best faux funnel pour soap I’ve ever seen. I also like how you measure temps and weigh everything. It works for you! Gorgeous colors!

  11. @Alba – What do you need help with? It’s pretty straightforward. Divide your soap batter into several different colors and just keep pouring pools of soap on top of one another inside the mold.

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