Lotion Fragrance Survey Results

This survey was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated – it has been very helpful in determining which lotions to make for the last two farmer’s markets and fall shows. Of course, they will be available at the Great Cakes Soapworks online store as well.

I will show you the results given by the survey, then share my decisions with you and finally, who the winners of the two ounce Jojoba-Shea Lotions are! Yes, I decided since there were 61 participants, I would choose two winners, instead of just one. It only seemed fair…

Lavender Category Results
A: Lavender Meadows
B: Lavender Lemon
C: Other – several said Lavender Vanilla…

Earthy Category Results
A: Patchouli
B: Sandalwood Rose
C: Other – three said it’s not their favorite type of scent

Fruity/Floral Category Results
A: Celebration
B: Asian Plum

Sweet Category Results
A: Almond Milk
B: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Fragrance Free Option
A: yes
B: no

Lotion Scents Previously Purchased
A: Almond Milk
B: Antique Lilac
C: Black Raspberry Creme
D: Caribbean Diva
E: Cranberry Crush
F: Grapefruit Jasmine
G: Lavender Meadows
H: Stress Relief
I: Other – Most of these were custom orders

Here’s the interesting data – the rankings of scent types. This is in order by the number of first place rankings:
1 – Fruity (24.59%)
2 – Herbal or Minty (18.03%)
2 – Lavender (18.03%)
3 – Sweet (16.39%)
3 – Earthy (16.39%)
4 – Floral (14.75%)

And the order of second place rankings:
1 – Herbal or Minty (24.59%)
2 – Fruity (19.67%)
3 – Sweet (16.39%)
4 – Lavender (14.75%)
5 – Earthy (16.39%)
6 – Floral (11.48%)

My choices then, for my five scents of lotions based on the responses:
1. Lavender Lemon
2. Sandalwood Rose
3. Celebration
4. Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
5. Stress Relief (mint & eucalyptus)

Stress Relief wasn’t on the survey because I already knew I was going to include it! I think many of you will be happy about this based on your response to the question about which scents you hope Great Cakes Soapworks will continue to carry. By the way, those who would like to get fragrance free lotion can still get it, but I’m not going to have it stocked.

And, finally, the winners of the lotions, chosen randomly out of a hat by my youngest daughter:

Sheila D. of Lenexa, KS
Sharon P. of Olathe, KS


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  1. That is a lovely lineup, Amy. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Lavender Lemon and Sandalwood Rose and now I’m intrigued to try them. It makes complete sense to me that Floral is last, a strong last. You are doing a great job with your business by keeping people informed.

  2. Thanks, Tina! I was surprised that floral was last. Actually, if lavender was included in floral, it might not have been that way. My floral lovers are pretty strong in their choices too! Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Lilac all do well for me.

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