Another Shampoo Bar Convert

One of my customers (and faithful blog reader) just sent me some great photos of her hair that she took after the first time using the Beer & Seaweed Shampoo Bar, which seems to work best for dry/normal hair:

Candy's hair - using the shampoo bar ONLY

Candy says, “I am so in love with the shampoo bar it’s almost ridiculous.”

And to prove it, she just ordered three more bars.

Thank you, Candy!! I am so happy when my customers are happy!

I have been working on formulating another bar for those with oily/normal hair. Ten ladies have either tested it, or are still in the process of testing it. (I had two in Canada, and one on a military base in Turkey, plus another one just had a baby!) I will post their results as soon as I’ve received them all, which should be in another week – or two at the most.

For those just now hearing about all this shampoo bar business, if you would like to learn more, there is a lot of information under the Shampoo Bar category on this blog. Some of you have heard me go on long enough, and you just need to try it for yourself!

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  1. You are, Candy, you really are!! With a great testimonial like yours, I hope they try it out! Thanks again for sharing your photos with me.

  2. it would be interesting to have seen a before and after pic. I have curly hair, and lots of it. I use a natural shampoo from Sheabutter cottage which I love, but I still need a conditioner and maybe it’s just my hair getting longer, but it still frizzes at the front. Candy’s hair is beautiful and I am very envious 🙂

  3. @Polly – When she sent the photos, she mentioned that she forgot to take a before photo!! I know I still have to use a bit of conditioner as well as the vinegar rinse as well. My hair is a bit frizzy in the front right now, only because I fried it a little bit with the curling iron – oops!!

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