Taiwan Swirl Challenge Club Closing Soon!

Just a quick FYI for those who haven’t heard: Registration for this month’s Soap Challenge Club will be closing Monday (tomorrow!) at 2pm CST. We are doing the Taiwan Swirl, which looks like this:

Taiwan Swirl by Great Cakes Soapworks
Taiwan Swirl by Great Cakes Soapworks

Any soapmaker can join the Challenge Club. The only requirement is that you have a basic understanding of cold-process soapmaking. Members of the Club will be able to view written instructions as well as a video tutorial, then have the opportunity to create their soap, documenting the process via photos or video, and sharing their creation in the Members Only area so that other members can view, comment and vote on the winners.

This month, the grand prize winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Nature’s Garden, and second & third place winners will receive free registration to next month’s Soap Challenge Club. (Registration fee is just $5.95.)

Soapmakers from all over the world come together for this fun event each month – it really is a great way to build relationships and share creativity. Plus, who knows? You might even win a prize! Click the button below for more info and to register:


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