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I’ve been writing on this blog since March 2008. Somewhere in the middle of 2011 or so all of the images from those posts disappeared. Like 200 of them. I probably lost them during an update or something, and I’ve dreaded going back and fixing them all. Well, I decided this month I’m going to get them all fixed – instead of wandering around aimlessly on Facebook in the evenings!

The great thing is that I’m re-visiting some great memories, and I get to see how far I’ve come in my soapmaking skills even in the last few years. I know the Soap Challenge Club has really pushed me to try new things – and more complex designs! I also know that this will help boost my search engine optimization so that more people will find my posts when they do a search.

I’ve found some really cool content as well. I completely forgot that I had a guest post by Courtney at Courtney Robyn’s Nest on how to process raw beeswax. And then I got sad when I realized that Courtney is no longer blogging and all of those photos will never be retrieved. The instructions are still there though!

She also did a tutorial on how to make your own tooth soap! Fortunately, those photos are still intact.

Tooth Soap

Then there are all the fun posts!! My story on how I started making soap for my two best friends at the time. Or testing SOAP panel fragrances with my long distance friend. Or the story of the lady who ate my shea butter sample at a craft fair…

So, what’s a task you’ve been putting off for far too long that you can start working on today?

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  1. Have you seen my office? I use to be so organized it drove people I worked with nuts. Got to get this office sorted out, it has been like this too long. Besides, the kittens don’t like my new filing system and keep rearranging it for me.

    Congrats on blogging so long Amy. Time has really flown.

  2. I had EXACTLY the same problem with my Blog. I also spent 2 whole days fixing all the missing photos. I wonder what the problem was?
    Good grief you have had some fun on the way.

  3. Ohhhhh, I have the same issue. There are a ton of old posts from Modern Soapmaking that are missing images. I fixed some, but there are SO MANY. Maybe I’ll add that to my list, too. <3

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