Introducing the Weekly Soap Challenge

This challenge is open to any soapmaker who would like to participate. The goal is to push ourselves to try new methods and techniques, and it will be more fun if we do it as a group. If you are new to soapmaking, this will be a great way to improve your skills. Seasoned soapmakers will enjoy it too, I’m sure! I know that many of you do not make soap, but you appreciate a good handmade soap, so I hope you will find this interesting as well.

Each Sunday I will post a new soapmaking challenge, such as mixing your own essential oil blend or doing a certain swirling technique. Then on Saturday, I will do a link-up deal so participants can share their results via their own blog post, or upload a photo from your computer if you don’t have a blog. You can choose which challenges you wish to participate in – I have at least 20 ideas for different challenges so far, and we can also work in a soap swap as well for those who are interested.

Tomorrow I will make the first challenge soap with a video, and then post it on Sunday. It will be a swirling technique, and that’s the only hint I’m going to give right now!

I’ve had some questions about supplies, and really that depends on which challenges you choose to do. You can use any recipe that works best for you for most of these challenges. Most of the techniques will be using the cold process method, and quite a few will involve colorants, so you might want to have some of those on hand. Natural or not – whichever you prefer to use. Same with scents – you can use essential oils or fragrance oils.

Please take a few moments to comment

1. if you are interested in participating, and
2. what level of soapmaker you are – beginner, intermediate or professional.

I’ve already heard from several email subscribers, so if you’ve already replied, you don’t need to do it again. This will help me in designing the challenges to meet the needs of the group. (If you have a request for a certain technique, you can let me know that too.) This is NOT a commitment!! It’s for FUN, so only do the challenges you want to participate in. It’s never too late to join in – simply start wherever we happen to be!

If you are planning to participate and haven’t subscribed to this blog, either via RSS feed or by email, you will want to do that so you don’t miss out! The RSS feed is located at the bottom of this post, and the email subscription form is in the right sidebar.

I’m so excited about getting started!!!

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  1. I would love to be a part of this weekly challenge. Another good excuse to make more soap. I consider myself an intermediate soaper.

  2. This sounds like so much fun!!! I would love to participate and I am an intermediate soapmaker =)

  3. Hope it’s not too late to join. I’d love to participate and consider myself intermediate with a lot to learn!

  4. @Swanee – Never too late to join! Just pick up wherever we are in the challenge. If you don’t have time to do this week’s challenge, we will look for you next week! Glad to have you!

  5. I would like to participate. I will start with the next challenge as I am already 1 week behind… LOL I am an beginner/intermediate soaper

  6. Count me in. I guess I am at a pro level although I’ve been a little lazy lately and need to push myself again, so this challenge will give me some inspiration.
    Great idea, by the way.

  7. This sounds like everyone is having so much fun! I’d like to join in. My blog unfortunately is in limbo currently. It is Luxury and Whimsy but I’m computer challenged so… I do take photos and can do video and I would love to jump in with the milk soap challenge. So may I join in?

  8. Everyone’s ITP Swirl Soaps were awesome! I can’t wait to start the challenge for week 2 !! Mike 🙂

  9. I’d like to participate. I consider myself to be between a beginner & intermediate soap maker.

  10. Hi I’m Lisa …would love to take part in the soap challenges…I consider myself an intermediate soap maker. Finely a place to go where people don’t think I’m crazy!

  11. WOW what an awesome idea! you rock! I’d like to join but don’t really know how to use blogs. So I definately don’t have one. But I will likely use youtube.. hope that is ok. I am a slightly more advanced soaper but not pro.. maybe this challenge will push me to pro!!

  12. Hi all! I am an intermediate soapmaker from the Bahamas 🙂 Excited to join the group!

  13. Im very interested in joining! I am a beginner/ intermediate, more beginner in most aspects 🙂
    I’m not sure how we enter our soaps to the challenge though?
    Do we mail you a slice? Sorry if that’s a silly question I just have never done or seen on of these before. I’m excited!!

  14. @Ashlie – The way we showcase everyone’s soaps is at the end of the week I do a link-up post. It opens at 6am CST each Saturday morning and remains open for the next 7 days. You can upload a photo of your soap from that week’s challenge via a blog post, a Facebook page, a YouTube video, a photo sharing website, or just straight from your computer.

  15. I’m a bit late to the game here, but would love to join in the soap challenge. Such a great idea ! I’m a beginner soaper with six batches under my belt as of this weekend. My soaps with photos and recipes are on my blog, mostly for my own use in remembering what I’ve tried that worked (or more importantly what didn’t so I don’t do it again), but you’re welcome to come take a look!
    I’m looking forward to a good challenge !! ~Suzy

  16. am a DEFINITE beginner (and a bit intimidated with all these intermediate/pros!!!) But enjoying soaping is what it’s all about so yes, I’d love to give it a try!! It’s a great idea thanks!

  17. I know it’s pretty late in the game, but I would love to participate in the challenge! I’ve already completed the assignment for week 8 and can’t wait to finish out the rest with everyone! I am an intermediate soap maker!

  18. I would like to participate if it’s not too late. At first, I thought that I would not have time, but the more I see the challenges, the more I want to be part of it. What a wonderful idea!

  19. Oops I forgot to say that I consider myself as an intermediate soap maker.

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