Check Out These Amazing Floral Design Soaps!

We had a great group of soapmakers participating in the Flower Power Soap Challenge Club this month! The challenge was simply to create a floral design with cold-process soap. There are lots of choices for this type of technique, including piping, embeds, cut-outs, etc. Be sure to click on the photos of the winning soaps to learn more about their soaps and how they created them!

Our grand prize winner invested a lot of time and thought into creating her masterpiece of soap entitled “A Flower Path To…”. Congratulations to Maya of Infusions blog in Tokyo, Japan, who will receive a $50 gift certificate from Brambleberry for this work of soap art:

A Flower Path To.... by Maya of Infusions
A Flower Path To…. by Maya of Infusions

Second place goes to a new member of the Club, Katrina of Sego Lily Soap in Utah with her beautiful lilac soap:

Lilacs in Bloom by Sego Lily Soap
Lilacs in Bloom by Sego Lily Soap

Our third place winner is Zahida from Florida with this gorgeous rose covered cake:

Strawberry Lemon Ombre Rose Cake by Zahida
Strawberry Lemon Ombre Rose Cake by Zahida

Second and third place winners receive free registration to next month’s Challenge Club which will begin again on Monday! I’m sure you’d like to see the rest of the Challenge Club floral design soaps, so be sure to check them out HERE.

For next month, we will be doing Oil & Glycerin Swirls on top of cold-process soap. You can do this with either a slab mold or a log mold. Here is the soap I will be demonstrating for the Club:

Country Clothesline soap by Great Cakes Soapworks
Country Clothesline soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Any soapmaker can join the Soap Challenge Club, whether you decide to compete for the prize or not. Many join to learn a new technique, push their skills, get encouragement and feedback – and get to know other soapmakers from all over the world!

Our sponsor will be Nature’s Garden! They will be providing a $50 gift certificate to our grand prize winner. Again, registration will open Monday. If you are signed up to receive Soap Challenge Club notifications, you will be the first to find out when it opens. If you would like to be notified, sign up below:


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  1. Congratulations Maya, Zahida and Katrina!! I’m delighted to see some of my favourites anongst the winners :). All the soaps entered were gorgeous, and I’m a new convert to soaping flowers. Thanks Amy!

  2. Congratulations! Maya’s soap is really work of art, but everyone’s entry is also very picturesque. You all had a very successful challenge!

  3. I would like to thank all the participants for the support and inspiration! Your works of art are all beautiful and a source of soapy inspiration for me and I believe many other soapers around the world. So much beauty and soaping ideas at one place is a gift that every soaper dreams of. Thank you again and happy soaping!

  4. I wanted to have a separate entry to congratulate Katrina and Zahida for their Flower Power soaps! The Lilacs in Bloom made me remember the lilac tree in my mother’s yard 🙂 Thank you for this, Katrina.
    Zahida, I wish I could become as skilled at piping as you are so that I can create at least one soap as beautiful as your Strawberry Lemon Ombré Rose Cake. Thank you for the inspiration and happy soaping!

  5. Congratulations to the winners – awesome soaps and fabulous inspiration once again – I just love these challenges!
    Despite registering I’ve not got round to submitting a soap for the last three challenges (my apologies Amy) this next one WILL be different 😀

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