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Our soap recipe has been formulated to create a smooth, hard bar of soap with rich, thick lather that lasts and lasts.  We use high quality beef tallow* for its amazing lather and conditioning properties, along with coconut oil for even more bubbles and hardness, olive oil for its mild conditioning properties, shea butter and cocoa butter for superior moisturization, and castor oil for emoliency and bubbles.

We offer two basic types of soap: 100% Natural Soaps, which are made with all natural ingredients, and Fragrant Soaps which are 99% natural - only the colors and fragrance are synthetic.

*Why use beef tallow?  We recently realized that we wanted to re-formulate our recipe to remove the palm kernel oil.  Not only was the palm kernel oil making our soap more cleansing than it needed to be, but also the use of palm oil products has led to deforestation issues that we did not want to contribute to.  While many suppliers claim to use sustainable sources for palm, it is difficult to really know for certain.  

After testing many different recipes, we came to the conclusion that beef tallow produces the properties that we were looking for in a superior handmade soap.  It shouldn't be surprising that the commodity that has been used to make soap for hundreds of years really does work!  Through the chemistry of the soapmaking process, all of the fats are transformed by the lye into soap (75%) and glycerin (25%).  Compared to our previous recipe, the soap we make with tallow has a creamier, bubblier, and longer lasting lather and the soap itself is harder and longer lasting, while being more conditioning for your skin.  

Try it for yourself - we are confident that you will see and feel the difference!