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Handmade Natural Soap - Fresh Goat Milk

Fresh goat milk soaps - there's nothing else quite like them!  We use goat milk fresh from Screamin Oaks Farm in Tonganoxie, Kansas, for these soaps.  Not the processed goat milk you get from a can, or the powdered, dehydrated variety – just the pure, unpasteurized, fresh-from-the-goat milk.  Full of 50 different nutrients, including the vital vitamins of A, C and B-complex, anti-oxidants, and alpha-hydroxy acids that naturally exfoliate your skin.  Goat milk soaps deliver a nutrient-rich drink for your skin because the milk is so easily absorbed.

Think about a thick, creamy milkshake, and that’s how creamy the lather is from the goat milk soaps.  Now think about an abundance of that lather depositing vital nutrients, and renewing your skin.  If your skin cries out for moisture, look no further!