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Handmade Natural Soap - 100% Natural

Searching for the perfect handmade natural soap?

Our soaps that are labeled “100% natural” are made with pure and natural vegetable oils and butters and tallow, have no artificial colorants, but may be scented with the highest quality steam distilled essential oils that you’ve ever had the pleasure to inhale.

Patchouli lovers will drool over the richest, earthiest scent of our Patchouli Beer Bar with just a hint of clove.

Lavender lovers can appreciate the sweetness of the quality lavender essential oil used in our Lavender Meadows scent blend.

Mint lovers (and non-mint lovers!) have exclaimed over the refreshing scent of our Stress Relief soap.

What's the difference between a shower gel and handmade natural soap?

Shower gels are actually chemical detergents made with synthetic surfactants – not soap.

What is soap, you ask?

Soap is a combination of water, lye and fats (oils). When the lye and water solution is combined with fats, a chemical reaction called “saponification” occurs – the reaction of hydrogen, oxygen, sodium and fatty acid molecules. The result is about 75% soap and 25% glycerin. Properly crafted handmade soap contains no lye, but cannot be made without it.