Valentines Soap Naming Contest

I hope you all had a nice holiday – I know I sure did! I’m feeling revived and refreshed, and ready for a new year! I will have lots of re-stocking to do this month, but I thought I better get started on the Valentines soaps first. Besides, it’s way more fun to be creative and make something new, right?

My hubby collaborated with me on this project, starting with the scent blends. For the first time ever, we have a girls Valentines soap and a guys Valentines soap. The girls Valentines soap is scented with a blend of plumeria and Michael Kors type perfume. Plumeria (common name Frangipani) grows in the tropics and is known as Hawaii’s most popular lei flower with a rich, sweet fragrance. The Michael Kors type fragrance blends beautifully as it is also comprised of white florals, warmed with delicate top notes of bergamot, apricot, peach, and plum, finished with a touch of exotic spice, velvety woods, and sensual skin musks.

For colors, I went with white, shimmery silver, and two tones of pink.

Girls Valentines Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Girls Valentines Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

After I mixed and poured the light pink layer, hubby sprinkled on the thin line of fuchsia pink mica. Then I poured a light layer of white, and alternately poured the dark pink, silver, and more white. Once it was all poured, I used a bamboo skewer to swirl the top just a bit more. I was afraid that using two floral fragrances might be sort of tricky, but they were very workable!

Here are a couple more photos:

Close-up of the Girls Valentines Soap

Girls Valentines Soaps - more tops

The guys Valentines soap is a very woodsy blend of bamboo, teak, rainforest, sandalwood and cedarwood. I combined several fragrance oils, as well as an essential oil blend and cedarwood essential oil. The depth of this fragrance is amazing! Completely earthy, very masculine and sexy.

The colors for the guys Valentines soap are dark brown, reddish gold, silver (to match the girls soap), and natural. I used the faux funnel pour technique – partly because it almost looks like wood grain, and partly because I just love the way it turns out!

No two bars are alike:

Guys Valentines Soaps by Great Cakes Soapworks

Guys Valentines Soaps by Great Cakes Soapworks

It seemed like the soap was a little too thin as I got started pouring. Like the layers were mixing together. There are only a couple places where you can see how they mixed, and I think it actually adds to the character of the bar:

Blended colors on the Guys Valentines Soap

Here’s another one of my favorites:

Close-up of Guys Valentines Soap

About the Contest:

Here’s where I need your help. These soaps need names! Hubby and I tossed around a few ideas, but couldn’t settle on anything. We did like the idea of a PIRATE THEME though. Here are the guidelines:

1. Use a pirate theme if possible, however other names will also be considered.
2. Please submit names for both soaps that fit together.
3. Keep it tasteful, people!
4. Submit your entry(ies) in the comments section below. (Yes, you can submit multiple entries. It’s not necessary to use a separate comment for each entry.)
5. Please do NOT submit entries via Facebook or email – it’s too difficult to keep track of them.
6. Comments will close this Saturday, January 7 at 10pm CST

After that I will pick some of my favorites and create a poll so that everyone can vote for the winners! Winner will receive a free set of Valentines soaps as soon as they are cured and ready. (I’m hoping for January 31, but could be later. These are huge bars!)


41 thoughts on “Valentines Soap Naming Contest

  1. Kari Vise says:

    Guys: Seductive Scallywag, Brazen Buccaneer, Shiver Me Timbers
    Girls: Treasured Heart, Sweet Little Wench, Queen Anne’s Revenge


  2. says:

    Beautiful soaps as usual!! I am not good with naming, but for the men’s soap maybe: Treasure Chest, Treasure, Shipwrecked, Corsair, Land Ho, or Avast!
    For the women’s soap: I don’t have much, except pirate boat names such as Fancy, Pearl, Victory, or Elizabeth…or you could do names of female pirates Anne Bonny or Mary Read or Lady Killigrew…or something like Anne’s True Love, Starboard, Caribbean Love

    Kari has some good ideas! Good luck!

  3. Shannon Wimbush says:

    Girls: Pink Passion, hearts desire, and lonely heart.

    Guys: Sacred heart, Loves oath, (pirates oath) and Sea of love

  4. Hmmm difficult one…

    For the women’s one… Lady Verity, Scarlet Wench, The Pink Pearl, Pink Lady

    For the men’s one …. Captain Fortesque, Arrrghhh Matey, Starboard Ho, Land Ahoy, The Dark Pearl

    Hmmmm tough one Amy!!!

  5. Theresa N. says:

    Awesome soap! For the male soap maybe: Hello Matey! Scrub the deck!or Plank walker. For the ladies maybe, Treasure view, The eye of the Pirate, Ms. Dollie or The heart of the night.

  6. desiree says:

    the mans could be pirates find, or shiver me timber
    the ladies soap would be dref, i would said all so
    for t he women would be de berry or granalie, anne boney these are real names
    calico jack crimson pride

  7. Jill A. Collins says:

    For the guys: I like Hunk of Burning Love (guy = hunk; not to mention it is a hunk of soap – colors reminded me of burning love colors)

    For the girls: Shimmering tropical kiss

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. No matter what the name these will make beautiful gifts!

  8. Georganna says:

    Savvy. Mate, for either one, becauuse you gotta love Johnny Depp, and Never Never Land, for the Peter Pan pirates.

  9. Kayla says:

    I like The Pink Lady
    and Captain Jack’s Treasure (I really wanted to put Captain Jack’s Booty, but didn’t want anyone to think about Johnny Depp’s booty!) 😉

    They are both beautiful!

  10. Shelby says:

    Wow! There are some very creative individuals following this blog! I am impressed.

    Lady Plumeria de Tempest
    Captain Bark Phloem

    Okay, I think I over-thought it a bit. I wanted to include the scent and the visual appeal of the soap. The girl soap looks like a swirling tempest and I love the floral name plumeria. For the guys, it is all woodsy. It even looks like the rings of a tree to me, so I went with the some of the inner and outer names of the trunk of a tree.

  11. Raquel says:

    For the girls, I love Scarlett O’Hara, since it’s a blend of pink.
    For the boys. I like Chips a Hoy, because it goes with the colors. You mention a it should be close to a pirate as well. I also like for a pair, Bella and Edward. That’s a pair. Make it a Total Eclipse for the new year. “Happy 2012 everyone.

  12. Aimee Price says:

    Lass’ pleasure/ Pirates treasure
    Landlubbers lather/ Drifters delight
    Beached in Bermuda/ Caspians catch
    Smooth sailing/ Rough waters
    Drifter’s desire/ Damsel’s delight
    “booty”iful babe/ “booty”licious bandit
    Captain’s catch/ Pirates plunder
    For Me Matey’s/ For Me Mermaid’s
    Land down under/ Out to Sea
    Brown Beard’s Bar/ Bermuda Babes Bar
    Trusty Treasure/ Hook’s Haul

  13. Diana says:

    “Heart’s Treasure” for the women’s (with the beautiful colors I had to chose something with “heart”.)
    “Land & Sea” for the men’s (because of the earthy and cool colors.)
    I love these both! So beautiful.

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