Top 10 Selling Soaps of 2010

Here we are on the third day of January 2011, and I find myself getting pretty excited about what this year will hold! I’ve gone back through my soap journal to see how I can better plan for the demand for various soaps that I make. Other soapmakers will probably have different results, but here are my top 10 best selling soaps from this past year:

#10: Dead Sea Spa Facial Bars

I’ve been making the Dead Sea Spa Bars since 2006 with a citrus/earthy blend of lemon, grapefruit, patchouli, and tea tree essential oils. This last year, I added a new blend of rosewood, geranium and ylang ylang which are all great essential oils for the face. It seems to be more popular than the original blend!

#9: Sandalwood Goat’s Milk Soap

This soap has also been around awhile – since 2004! The recipe has changed a bit over the years – I started making it with fresh goat’s milk in 2006 which makes the lather oh-so-creamy, and the soap itself very moisturizing. The scent is familiar to many, and loved by both men and women.

#8: Patchouli Beer Bars

The difference between #9 and #8 was just two bars of soap. I made my first batch of Patchouli Beer Bars in January 2005. They aren’t a top seller, but definitely consistent. They always get a double look when I bring them to the farmer’s market and craft shows. Usually because of the beer. There’s a pretty definitive line between those who love patchouli and those who can’t stand it!

#7: Bye Bye Bugs Soap

Even as a seasonal seller, this one makes the #7 spot. It’s a very simple soap, made with an essential oil blend that repels all kinds of bugs. The testimonials for this soap have been amazing! Plus, you can pick some up at a discounted price right now during the off-season.

#6: Clarifying Facial Soap

Here’s one that I didn’t plan for very well this year – it’s currently out of stock, but I do have a double batch curing that should be ready by the end of the month. This soap is different from all the other soaps that I carry for several reasons. 1. I use witch hazel distillate as half of the liquid. 2. The olive oil has been infused with 5 different herbs known to help clarify the skin. 3. Added stearic acid and beeswax make this a really hard bar of soap that can last for up to a year if used solely on the face.

#5: Lavender Meadows Goat’s Milk Soap

Here’s another goat’s milk soap that’s been around for quite some time, although my first batch was made with soymilk in February 2005. The scent blend of lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, and ylang ylang essential oils has remained the same, but I’ve also added pulverized oatmeal for exfoliation and extra moisture for the skin.

#4: Peppermint Soap

Here’s a seasonal soap that always sells out! This is just the third year for this soap, and it’s still a winner! There’s something special about a cool, peppermint soap that’s just super refreshing and wonderful.

#3: Creamy Castile Goat’s Milk Soap

I never would have thought that the most simple soap would be in the top 3 selling soaps. It just goes to show how many people have ultra-sensitive skin these days. (Castile is the term used to describe a soap made with olive oil.) Creamy Castile is made with olive oil, fresh goat’s milk, and of course, lye. That’s it!

#2: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap

Another goat’s milk soap has made the top 3! This recipe has evolved a bit since the first batch I made in 2004, but it’s only gotten better! Now made with fresh goat’s milk, a heap of pulverized oats, a touch of local honey, and an oh-so-yummy fragrance.

And finally, the top selling soap for 2010:
Stress Relief!

Really, this has been my top selling soap for quite some time. The name of the soap pulls you in, and the aromatic essential oils seal the deal. It’s scented with my proprietary blend of mint and eucalyptus, and flecked with dried peppermint leaves. The neatest thing about this soap is what it has done for several of my customers with rosacea. I had received some excellent testimonials, but I was blown away when I saw the before and after photos from one of my customers.

So that’s it! Let me tell you, I am VERY excited about what I’m planning to offer in 2011! If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Selling Soaps of 2010

  1. says:

    Great posting! Very nice pictures. I am looking at ordering some of the stress relief to see what results I can get with my rosacea.

  2. Becky Rippelmeyer says:

    There must be something to the eucalyptus & mint combination -that’s what I put in my plain ol’ “Lye Soap” and it’s my bestseller! Who knew? They all look really lovely, Amy. I hope you sell even more this year! šŸ˜€

  3. Homemade Soaps says:

    Your soaps are just beautiful! Kudos to your soap ideas! We have a soap we designed just for babies that is also our stress relief soap..but I LOVE the peppermint/eucalyptus blend. It is SO invigorating – great choice.
    Homemade SoapsĀ“s last blog post ..

  4. says:

    Thanks so much for the comments, everyone! Glad you’ve enjoyed the post. I’m participating in a 30-day blogging challenge to write a new post every day for the next 30 days! After that, we’ll see how the schedule unfolds…

  5. Michael Hughes says:

    Hi Amy,

    The Peppermint Soap looks so good. It really looks like an old-fashioned ice cream bar. Very refreshing appearance. I also like the rugged scent of Sandalwood. It looks really impressive the way you made it.

    Thanks for sharing these. I am interested if you change your soap line much on an annual basis, or if you change the look and feel of your soaps based on customer feedback.

    Thanks Amy!

  6. says:

    @Michael – I think I’ve changed the recipes based on what I feel are improvements to the soaps more than the feedback of the customers. I haven’t tweaked them much for a few years now. However, I do offer new fragrances every year and continually rotate what is offered as limited edition type scents. About half of my soaps are regularly kept in stock.

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