On the Curing Rack: Winter Rose

The same day I made the near-disaster Beer & Seaweed shampoo bars, I also made a small batch of Winter Rose. I used a slightly different rose fragrance this year, but added just a touch of the same lovely frankincense & myrrh essential oil blend. In the mold, it looked like this:

Winter Rose soap in the mold

The soap set up fairly quickly, as floral scents are prone to do, but I did manage a quick in-the-mold swirl using a spoon to really churn the whole thing up. I’d like to try this technique again with a fragrance that is better behaved, but this one turned out reasonably well:

Winter Rose soap – cut bars

Once again, I will make this soap available at Greatcakessoapworks.com after the holidays are over. I’m looking forward to making a few more fun soaps for the Winter collection!

New! Winter Rose Soap

Winter Rose Soap

Winter Rose Soap

The Winter Rose soap is finally ready!! This beautiful soap is made with the most true-to-life rose fragrance and just a hint of resinous frankincense & myrrh. Flecked with vanilla bean specks as well. If you love the smell of roses in full bloom, you will love this soap!

Click the photo to purchase. Just $6.50 each, or buy any 4 or more soaps for just $22 (that’s just $5.50 each!).

This week I plan to start experimenting with some solid bubble bars – the kind you crumble into your tub for a luxurious bubble bath! Hoping I’ll have something to show you soon!