On the Curing Rack: Fruit Salsa Soap

The Fruit Salsa soap project has been a lesson in patience for me! Some of you have been following this drama on my Facebook page.

First, I started out making half the soap by adding the fragrance and dividing it into five different colors:

Fruit Salsa soap embeds

The next day, I cut the soap into chunks, made the other half of the soap, added the chunks, and poured/spooned it into the mold.

Fruit Salsa soap in the mold

The following day, I attempted to trim the top so I could cut the soap into slices, but it was still soft.

Soap top partially trimmed

Finally, this morning I was able to finish trimming and cutting the soap!! It was still a little bit on the soft side, which surprises me considering how much I discounted the water… It’s a very workable fragrance, so obviously no problems with it setting up! Speaking of the fragrance, it’s one of those complex fruity-floral scents with fruity notes of mandarin orange, dewfruit, sweet pineapple, red apple, and plum. So those are the colors of the embeds (Not finding any results in my search for dewfruit, I imagine it to be green like a honeydew melon). The floral notes include rose, peony and white lily, all rounded out with sensual sandalwood and exotic musk.

Fruit Salsa Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Considering how long it has taken for this soap to set up, I am going to be generous with the cure time and estimate six weeks until it will be ready. That will be April 19th – just in time for the farmer’s market to start up again on the 21st!