Ready to Rebatch!

So I had this huge box of soap scraps and batches that didn’t turn out for whatever reason that was sitting in my dining room. In the past, I’ve donated to Clean the World, but I waited too long this time and the shipping was going to be over $50. So, I’ve been making rebatch soaps with the scraps as I have time, and donating them to local homeless ministries.

Yesterday I decided that I could maximize my time a little better by doing some prep work – that is, getting all of the soaps shredded or chunked, weighed, and ready to melt down ahead of time. I wish I would have taken a photo of my kitchen as I was doing this prep work. There was soap EVERYWHERE. I was using my food processor to shred some of the full-sized bars, pulling out all the end pieces, and separating out the tan/brown soaps from the colored soaps. Piles of soap. The ones that were too small to shred, I put in the processor with the blade and just chopped them into smaller bits of soap. I only stalled out the motor a handful of times…

Here is the fruit of my labor:

box of shreds Ready to Rebatch!

Nine bags with 2 lbs. of soap shreds

color soap chunks Ready to Rebatch!

Six bags with 8 oz. of colored soap chunks

The beauty of it is that this morning I was able to pull out a 2 lb. bag of soap (that had been #10) and melt it in the crockpot on high with 1/2 cup of water, stirring every 30-60 minutes, throwing in an 8 oz. bag of colored soap chunks (would have been #7) with a small sample bottle of fragrance at the end, and coming up with this beauty in just a couple of hours:

new rebatch log Ready to Rebatch!

Latest rebatch soap from today

Here are some soaps I made previously:

cut rebatch soap Ready to Rebatch!

Rebatch soaps

So much fun!! No two batches are alike, and they all go to a great cause. It should be easy to get one made every day…

Adding Color to Rebatched Soap

I really am on a roll with this rebatched soap! It’s a good thing too, because my soap inventory is running extremely low and these just might be available before Christmas! I’m waiting to see how long it takes for the extra water to evaporate and will keep you posted.

Yesterday’s batches were an experiment in adding color to the base of the soap. The first batch started out as a not-so-pretty brown, so I decided to darken it up with some new moon black mica. As soon as the soap was mostly melted, I added half a tablespoon of mica mixed* with a bit of water to the entire batch. Then I added as many colorful shreds as I could find (I soon realized that my color choices were very limited!) and a vanilla buttercream fragrance that is out of this world! Now, this soap really looks like granite:

vanilla granite soap Adding Color to Rebatched Soap

What should I call this one?

The next soap was a combination of Lavender Meadows and Bye Bye Bugs scraps. The base was rather light in color, so I figured I could add some purple mica to liven it up. Again, just half of a tablespoon mixed in some water seemed to do the trick! When it was finished, I stirred in some white soap chunks. Since it already had a bit of lavender and citrus scent to it, I just added more lavender, some lime, and a hint of orange essential oils. Such a clean, fresh scent! I believe I’ll call it Lavender Lime.

lav lime Adding Color to Rebatched Soap

Lavender Lime Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

I haven’t made any more rebatched soap today – yet. But the day isn’t over! Let me know if you have suggestions for naming the Vanilla one!

*Micas really aren’t hydrophilic, so they tend to resist being mixed with water. However, I think the water helps disperse the mica, so I do it anyway!