On the Curing Rack: Christmas Soaps!

It has taken me all day, but I’m finally posting photos of the latest Christmas soaps! First up, is Bayberry:

Bayberry soap in the mold

I was so happy with the way this soap turned out! The colors are exactly what I wanted, the swirls turned out the way I wanted, the soap balls turned out the way I wanted, the sparkles on top are perfect, and the scent is magnificent! I wasn’t sure what bayberry actually smelled like before I ordered the fragrance, but it’s very familiar to me. At first, I thought it smelled like pine or spruce, but now that it’s in the soap, it smells just like a Christmas shoppe. I’m sure it’s a popular Christmas candle scent as well.

Bayberry Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

You can see the test batch of Winter Wonderland here. The full-sized batch turned out just as nice! I even tested out the “coat hanger” swirling technique for the first time, and now that I know how it works, I think I know how to make it better next time! I used the same recipe that I use for the Peppermint soap, so that the base color would be as white as possible. This also means that it will be a nice, hard bar of soap!

Winter Wonderland Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

The fragrance description, in case you missed it, is a cool, citrus-y blend that starts out with grapefruit, orange, bergamot, and lemon. I was sure there must be some peppermint in there, but the rest of the fragrance description includes florals such as violet, cyclamen, bois de rose, and a hint of gardenia, and base notes of citronella, sandalwood, jasmine, and musk.

Both the Bayberry and Winter Wonderland soaps will be available in time for the annual Great Cakes Soapworks Christmas Sale!

On the Curing Rack: Christmas Splendor

As promised, here is the new Christmas Splendor soap:

Christmas Splendor Soaps in Green and Gold

Christmas Splendor Soaps in Green and Gold

This is the first time I have made a soap in two different colors with the same scent! One is a plain dark green, and the other is a light gold filled with microfine gold glitter for extra sparkle. Both have been embossed with a shimmery bronze “Merry Christmas” stamp. The scent is mostly fresh cut spruce, with some added nuances of candied currants, a bit of cranberry, and spices. In other words, full of Christmas splendor!

These soaps will be available at Greatcakessoapworks.com on Friday, December 4, if I have any left after my Holiday Mart at the Federal Reserve Bank on December 2nd & 3rd. Take your chances, or pre-order yours today!