On the Curing Rack: Red Rock Canyon

Dare I say that this was my third attempt at creating a gradient soap tutorial that didn’t work out? This time the soap was just fine – it was the camera that didn’t cooperate! I had a little mishap about halfway through when I was banging my soap mold down on the table and the tripod that was holding my camera walked off the table and fell on the floor! There is a significant amount of footage missing – starting with the part where I actually start pouring the soap in the mold until the next to last layer is put on. It’s a little strange that the part that is erased comes before and after the time that the camera fell. What can you do…fortunately, the soap turned out great despite the technical difficulties!

Red Rock Canyon Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Red Rock Canyon Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

I’ve made Red Rock Canyon soap a couple times before, but never using the gradient method. I had to make a smaller batch just so I could make the layers work. However, the result is quite stunning! It’s made with fresh goat’s milk, and the fragrance is an awesome after-shave type blend with lavender, bay rum, and lime. The guys really love it – and even some of the girls do too!

The Red Rock Canyon soap will be available for purchase at Greatcakessoapworks.com on August 14, 2012, and I’ve decided to take a little break from making the gradient soaps for awhile!

On the Curing Rack: Orange Bliss

On the same day I made the Tranquil Pear soap with my daughter, I also made a new batch of soap called Orange Bliss. It’s a combination of a gradient soap using the faux funnel method. The fragrance is an all-natural blend of five-fold orange, bergamot, carrot seed, lavender, ylang ylang, and vanilla essential oils.

My daughter gets caught on camera (very briefly) in the video below without her knowledge. (She thinks she’s being sneaky!)

And here’s the photo in case you don’t have time to watch the video:

Orange Bliss Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

The color turned a bit more terracotta after the soap set up, and the fragrance is definitely on the sweet side from the ylang ylang and vanilla. Orange Bliss soap will be available for purchase at Greatcakessoapworks.com on March 15th.

My friend Cynthie is planning to come over this afternoon to help make a goat’s milk soap video. I think I’ll make Almond Milk. I haven’t made that one in quite awhile and I have an idea on how to make it look a little more interesting…

On the Curing Rack: Hawaiian Sunrise

After doing the last gradient soap, I was inspired to try something a little more advanced. Since I had this “sunrise” fragrance, I figured why not do the gradients of a sunrise? I found my inspiration here:

Gradient inspiration

Orange and purple have a common color – red, so utilizing a bit of color theory, I was able to slowly turn the orange to pink and then the pink to purple. Fortunately, the fragrance was cooperative during this process, as I mixed all the colors and poured them in the mold! Sorry, no video this time, or even photos in process. I didn’t have anyone to help me with that.

Hawaiian Sunrise Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

The fragrance is quite bold. It is described as a blend of scintillating notes of citrus, raspberry, and pineapple with the tropical fragrances of hibiscus and pikake for an intoxicating scent. Ironically it seems to be the same fragrance I used several years ago from a different supplier who called it by a different name when I made the Celebration soap, if anyone remembers that one! Here’s a photo to help jog your memory:

Celebration Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks circa 2008

I am looking at a ready-to-sell date of March 1st for the Hawaiian Sunrise soap. Now what shall I plan to make next???

On the Curing Rack: Country Clothesline

After making soap with Kendra, I was inspired to try a gradient-colored soap. I picked a fragrance that I knew would cooperate as well as being requested by one of my customers. It’s a very fresh, clean laundry scent that reminds you of clothes that have been hung outside to dry. Previous versions of the Country Clothesline soap had been blue with white swirls:

Country Clothesline Soap from 2009

Also, blue with white and lighter blue swirls:

Country Clothesline Soap from last year

This time, I used blue again, but with each layer I kept adding more white. The soap wasn’t setting up as fast as I thought, so as I was adding the second and third layers, they were penetrating the layer beneath. This made a couple of the soaps look more like the ocean surf, which I suppose if you could imagine yourself doing laundry on the beach might not be a bad thing.

Country Clothesline gradient soap - with waves

A few of them were a little better behaved, so I took this photo as well:

Country Clothesline soap the way it's supposed to be!

This was my first time attempting the CPOP method of putting the soap in a warm oven after it was poured, which should speed up the curing time by a week or so. I will estimate that this soap will be available at Greatcakessoapworks.com around February 20 – if it doesn’t sell out at the market I’m doing on the 18th.