They’re Definitely Unique!

I’ve never ventured into the realm of melt and pour soap. There is a whole ‘nother world of artistry that can be achieved with this medium. For example, here are some interesting soaps made to look like food:

Roasted Chicken Soap by Soapopotamus

While we’re talking about soap that’s made to look like meat:

Hot Dog Soap with Mustard & Relish by AJ Sweet Soap Shop

Lest you think I’m keeping the meat theme going, here’s a bowl of cereal:

Cheerios & Bananas Soap by AJ Sweet Soap Shop

Let’s stick with the breakfast theme:

Bacon & Egg Soap by LoveLeeSoaps

I’ll leave you with this one – because I sure could go for the real thing right about now:

Mini Chocolate Donuts Soap by Mollycoddle Soap

Do you imagine they all smell like the real thing? Apparently the roasted chicken soap actually smells like….roasted chicken. And the hot dog smells “delicious”. No disclosure as to what the bacon and egg soap smells like, although fragrance is listed in the ingredients list. I just hope the chocolate donuts smell like they are supposed to! They are all pretty amazing, huh?

AJ Sweet Soap Shop
Mollycoddle Soap