Soap of the Week: Candied Currants Now Available

Candied Currants is the soap that my younger daughter helped design and create, using the faux funnel pour method. You can read more about how we did it here. After bringing it to the farmer’s market on Saturday, there are now only three left! Smells very fruity, of course, and the design came out perfectly.

Candied Currants soap1 Soap of the Week: Candied Currants Now Available

Candied Currants Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks and Daughter

Just click on the photo to purchase – but don’t wait too long! Just $5.95 each.

Mother-Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Just in case you are wondering where part 1 is, I made soap with my older daughter over Spring Break. You can see the results of that day here. Ever since that day, my younger daughter has been asking when she could make soap with me. So when I saw Anne-Marie’s post about needing a buddy to make the Faux Funnel Pour soap, I knew this would be perfect for us!

First I had my daughter pick out a fragrance for the soap, followed by the four colors she wanted to use. She picked Candied Currants for the fragrance (what little girl who is going to be 8 years old tomorrow doesn’t like sweet, fruity fragrances?), then she picked pink, green, blue and black for the colors. I let her do as much of the work as possible, starting with measuring the oils (my older daughter was the photographer for the day):

Mother Daughter soap1 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

She did great with the solids, and learned how to read the scale!

I didn’t let her make the lye solution or pour it into the oils, but I did let her run the stick blender:

Mother Daughter soap2 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

She blended the soap until it was just emulsified.

Then I divided the soap into four equal parts, and we started adding colorants:

Mother Daughter soap3 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Adding some blue mica

Here’s a great action shot:

Mother Daughter soap4 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

My daughter adding the pink mica, and I'm reaching for the black oxide.

Mother Daughter soap5 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

This is getting FUN!!

Next, we laid out some newspaper ads on the table, and got our mold ready.

Mother Daughter soap6 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Ready to pour!

Mother Daughter soap7 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Pouring the was probably a bit too runny when we first started.

Mother Daughter soap8 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Finished soap in the mold!

Today, we unmolded the soap and I let her do all the cutting with the new soap cutter!

Mother Daughter soap9 Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Cutting the soap

It turned out so great!!

Candied Currants soap Mother Daughter Soap Day, part 2

Candied Currants Soap

I think we may have to try this method again! The girls have already claimed a bar for their shower (after it cures, of course). If we have any left, I’ll sell these as a Soap of the Week.

On the Curing Rack: Fruit Loops

Here is the photo you’ve all been waiting for:

fruit loops soap2 On the Curing Rack: Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

While it isn’t very swirled inside, it is definitely very colorful! I was too chicken to swirl it in the pot, and I did minimal stirring in the mold because I was afraid the colors might run together too much. Now that I’ve got this batch under my belt, I think I might be able to try it again with a bit more movement. I must say, the Fruit Loops fragrance is quite strong and fresh. The lemon-lime is strongest – and apparently there are notes of peach, raspberry, green apple, cherry and some floral nuances to tone down the lemon and lime as well. Supposed to be little to no discoloration, so hopefully the colors remain vibrant and true.

This will be a limited edition Soap of the Week this summer at the Olathe Farmer’s Market!

The best handmade soap blog nominations are still rolling in – I will have a poll ready for you tomorrow so you can start voting for your favorites. If you haven’t made your nominations yet, please GO HERE and do so by 10pm CST tonight!