Sugaring: Natural Hair Removal

I’m not blaming Cindy. She just suggested that it would be cool to make some homemade NADS. You know, hair removal. So several months ago, I searched the web for a recipe. They are readily available, actually. It’s called “sugaring”. The directions I used said to boil the mixture until it got caramel-colored, then apply to the area, let it set up a bit, then pull it off. I had grown the hair on my legs for several weeks specifically for this purpose. Ok, sure. Not only did I BURN my skin with this stuff, but it didn’t pull all the hair out. I’m not sure which was more painful: my burning skin, or the places where the hairs did get ripped out. This method obviously has to work, right? Somehow, I’m not feeling very anxious to try it again. If anyone else is feeling adventurous, let me know – I found a recipe that doesn’t boil the sugar. Perhaps it would work better?

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    I’ve never had “sugaring” as hair removal, but I’ve got waxed plenty of times. The pain thing (that comes from pulling a lof of hairs from their roots at once) is normal, and you get used to it / feel it less, the more you wax / sugar.

    Also, I always thought you need to cool down the sugaring mixture until just above body temperature, just like with any other wax. Otherwise you will get burnt, and sugar burns are bad. Just my two cents!

    Goodluck if you decide to try again 🙂

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    Sade – I’m sure this MUST work for someone. The problem I was having with burning my skin came from having to reheat the stuff just to get it to spread. Finding the right consistency has to be the key here. Thanks for your comment!

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    I’ll guinea pig for ya! I wasn’t able to help out the past couple of times. However, I just shaved and my hair grows slow so it could be a week or so before I can try.
    Send the recipe over!

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    Can you share the recipe? I’m curious now. It must be the texture, it has to be spreadable at nearly room temperature to work..

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    Bekah: You are one brave chicka! I’ll send it to you shortly…

    Sade: Yep, I’ll send you what I did, and the one that I think might work better.

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