Sugar Scrub Cubes

What a fantastic idea these are! I first saw a recipe for sugar scrub cubes about a year and half ago and thought the concept was really great, but I never made any. Then last week, Ambra posted on her blog about re-visiting the recipe and I realized that I had some time to try them out. The recipe is super easy, and originally came from here.

1 part = oils or butters
2 parts = CP or HP soap shreds
3 parts = sugar

I had some fresh scraps left over from making my Creamy Castile soap – perfect for this recipe since the soap is unscented. Instead of shredding them, I had a brilliant idea to push them through my meat grinder. Now I have soap pellets instead! (And it was such a mess, I really don’t recommend doing this!)

Soap pellets

Soap pellets

I used tablespoons for my parts, which made a very small recipe. I melted my oils and butters with the soap in the microwave, then mixed them together and added the sugar, some Strawberry fragrance like the one I used for the Strawberry Valentines soap, and a couple drops of red colorant. It was like a stiff dough. Then I mushed it down into an ice cube tray and stuck them in the freezer. Popped them out, rolled them in a bit more sugar, and here they are:

Sugar scrub cubes

Sugar scrub cubes

So why would someone prefer this type of sugar scrub over the “regular” kind? I can think of several reasons!

1. It’s less messy to use.
2. The ingredients will never separate (like the liquid kinds tend to do).
3. Liquid sugar scrubs can harbor bacteria more easily because of wet fingers that dip into the jar numerous times.
4. And a great benefit for me: it was so much easier to make than my regular recipe!

After trying these out myself, I’d say they work just as well as the liquid kind, with the benefit that you can hold onto it while you scrub. Since I used a castile soap, the lather is more creamy than bubbly, and my skin feels very smooth!

Tomorrow I will post a poll to get more ideas about how you might feel about sugar scrub cubes, and then give some of you an opportunity to try them! For now, here’s my first question: Do you use sugar or salt scrubs on a regular basis, and if so, what do you like about them?

5 thoughts on “Sugar Scrub Cubes

  1. donna says:

    I love using scrubs! I make scrubs for my both my personal use and to sell them. One of the things i like most about them is it saves me the step of using some type of body moisturizer afterwards. I especially like that in the winter when i want to go straight from the towel to some clothing! Although i wouldn’t recommend it to everyoe and especially those with sensitive skin, i occasionally use sugar scrubs (not salt) on my face. It feels very exfoliating and moisturized. Thanks for posting this, Amy … i have a batch-gone-bad that i need to rebatch so i am going to try these sugar cubes!

  2. Holly says:

    How cool! I don’t know how I managed to not ever see this recipe! I’ve made sugar scrub cubes with melt and pour but not with CP. I’m super duper excited to try it!

  3. Holly says:

    Oh, I didn’t answer your question. 😛 I don’t use scrubs very often but if I do, I prefer the ones I made in solid form. I don’t like dipping my fingers into the jar. I like that they give a little bit of moisture with the exfoliating.

  4. Joanne says:

    Yes, I use sugar scrubs & sometimes salt scrubs! I LOVE them, but have never made them myself. I definitely will try this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. says:

    Hi and thanks for the link regarding my Solid
    Sugar scrubs! I’m happy you like them.
    I really love mixing up the cubes with
    different oils/butters/ and exfoliators.
    The sky is not even the limit with these guys.

    Happy Soaping!

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