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This post is for those who participated in the Soap Challenge Soap Swap to show off what they received and for the rest of us to admire all the lovely soaps! The deadline for sending out soap for the swap was June 2nd, but since this was an international swap, I wanted to allow plenty of time for delivery before opening up the link-up.

I ended up with two swap partners because after I had assigned everyone, there was one person left over, so I became their partner. Then after I assigned partners, there were several people who told me they had signed up with the google docs but didn’t end up with partners, so I opened it back up again and had an odd number AGAIN. Not that I’m complaining – at all!

My first partner is Alejandra of Productos Capra in Chile! Alejandra’s specialty is goat’s milk soaps. I received one simple goat’s milk soap, and one beautifully felted goat’s milk soap, along with the cute little muslin tote bag you see in the background:

Goat’s milk soaps by Productos Capra

There, now you can see how beautiful that felted soap is!

I am definitely a fan of goat’s milk soap – especially the kind that comes from goats you raise yourself! What I loved most about the felted soap was how it took the “black” off the bottom of my feet! My favorite pair of flip flops have black soles that turn my feet black, and the felted soap was just the right texture to clean them up. The wool is a very mild, yet effective exfoliant, and the soap leaves my skin completely moisturized.

Alejandra’s entire lifestyle has become self-sustaining. I copied the following information from her Facebook page and translated it from Spanish:

After living years in Santiago, we opted for a life change and moved to the Elqui Valley in Chile’s Region IV to carry out a project of self-sustaining life. In our home we have solar, wind, bio-digester methane gas, furnace and solar dryer. We built our house on the principles of permaculture eco-building, using local materials such as adobe, mud, straw bales, timber, and recycling materials collected. We have our garden where we grow vegetables and herbs used in our products, and we raise goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, donkeys and horses.

I find this so fascinating! Thank you, Alejandra, for sharing your wonderful soaps with me!

My other partner is Mariah of squeakMYclean. She is just starting up her soap business, and I believe she is well on her way to greatness! Check out her cute packaging and names for her soaps:

Three soaps by squeakMYclean

scrapeMYscurvy is her really cool salt soap – and it really does scrape! It’s made with Atlantic Ocean water from Cape May, New Jersey where Mariah lives! In addition to the usual oils and salts, it also contains sea clay and kelp powder and a wonderful oceanic fragrance.

milkMYgoat was my personal favorite – made with goat’s milk and scented with lemon verbena. Not only does it smell absolutely fabulous, but it leaves my skin super soft and moisturized!

Then she also included her in-the-pot swirl soap scented with Stormy Seas as a cute little thank-you soap. The colors really do look like a stormy sea! Hubby snatched that one up and it is long gone!

Thank you, Mariah, for sharing your lovely soaps with me as well! I have definitely been spoiled! Best wishes to you in your business endeavors!

And now it’s finally sharing time!!

Here are the instructions to add your link:

Create a post about the soap you received in the Soap Challenge swap – with photos of course! Please include a link back to my blog in your post (either the home page, or this post should work nicely!).

Facebook business page photos: Upload your photo(s) into a photo album, and write a descriptive caption on the photo you are linking up to this post, including who your swap partner was and what kind of soap(s) you received. To link the photo, click on it, then copy and paste the URL into the “blog post URL” blank at the top. In the next step, it will show your photo, and you will need to select it. (If you press the “crop” button instead, you can adjust what the thumbnail of your photo will look like.)

You can create a link to a YouTube video of the soaps you received! There will be a little frog icon instead of a thumbnail photo of the soap, but anyone who clicks on your link will be able to see your video. Starting on your video page, click the “share” button and copy the URL. You can use this URL for the “blog post URL” blank. Then in the next step, ignore all the tiny blue boxes and click the “direct image URL” tab across the top and paste the URL of your youtube video in the blank again and hit the “submit query” button.

I’m not recommending that anyone simply upload a photo from their computer this time. There’s no way for us to know who the soap came from or what kind of soap it is!

The link-up will remain open until next Saturday…

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  1. Sharon Phillips says:

    I finally got my YouTube video done and find I am too late to post it. Just wanted to say the the soap I received from Jeanette at South Texas Naturals was beautiful. I started using one of the bars right away not thinking of pictures. It was so nice and smelled wonderful. The challenges were so fun! Thank you Amy for all you did!

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