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Two Soaps in a Gift CrateI was reminded again today why I love my smell through shrink wrap. It is so easy to use and makes my soaps look so professional! I have another use for it now too: wrapping soaps in gift crates, like the ones in the picture. I made several like this today for the Holiday Craft Show I’m doing tomorrow.

You can wrap any type of soap in the smell through shrink wrap. My only experience is with cold process soaps, but I’ve heard it’s especially great for melt and pour soaps to reduce sweating. Plus, you can wrap all those intricate designs or crazy shapes, and the soap is protected from all the people who handle them, smell them, etc. at shows and markets. I don’t generally make crazy shapes, so I just add a cigar band around the outside of the shrink wrap. You could also put a sticker with all the vital information on the back of the soap.

You will have to invest in an impulse sealer if you don’t have one already. This will cut and seal the shrink wrap to the size you need it. A heat gun is also a must. I use it for shrink wrapping soaps as well as the shrink bands on my small lotions, lip butters, and whipped shea butters. Easily worth the investment.

This might seem redundant, but I still leave an end piece of each of the soaps out for people to sniff. They usually don’t realize that you can smell the soap through the shrink wrap, so this just encourages them to pick it up.

So where can you get your own smell through shrink wrap? I’m glad you asked! Interested soapmakers can purchase 50-foot lengths of smell through shrink wrap on my website for just $10.25. Fifty feet will generally wrap about 300 soaps, depending on their size. Priority Mail shipping is available for about $6.00 (depending on where you live), so that ends up costing about 5.4 cents per soap! Very cost effective. You should try it!

6 thoughts on “Smell Through Shrink Wrap

  1. June says:

    Great inf..but I wonder if you could answeraquestion for me. How soon after cutting my soap bars can I shrink wrap. Will they still ‘cure’ at the same rate or will it affect the soap. Hope you have the ansewr…It would make my lifeat easier.

  2. says:

    @June – I would wait until the soap is fully cured. Otherwise, the soap does shrink inside the wrap and then you have to shrink the wrap again if you want it to look nice.

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