On the Curing Rack: Valentines Soaps!

This year for Valentines soaps, I decided to use the tiger stripe technique for both the girls and the guys. The color schemes are similar as well. The guys soap is scented with a custom blend that includes amber, sandalwood, musk, as well as a famous cologne dupe (my hubby wears the real thing!). It’s very dreamy!! Colors are black, white and red:

Smitten – Guys Valentines Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Here’s another view:

Inside is tiger striped – tops are swirled

For the girls, I knew I wanted to use a Pink Sugar fragrance, a super sweet cotton candy scent with notes of bergamot, raspberry, fig, vanilla, caramel and musk. However, it is also known to discolor the soap to a medium to dark brown. I had two different bottles from two different suppliers. One discolors more than the other, so I used the darker one in the black stripes, and the lighter one in the white stripes, and left the pink stripe unscented:

Pink Sugar – Girls Valentines Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

The view of the tops:

Also tiger striped inside with swirls on top!

Both soaps will be fully cured and available at Greatcakessoapworks.com on January 29th!

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