On the Curing Rack: Pina Colada Soap

The Pina Colada soap was a fun one to make! I started with the scent and created a soap based on the colors and design of a pineapple. The bottom layer is a deep golden yellow like the inside of a pineapple, then I added a portion of green to resemble the pineapple top, and then added a layer of darker gold to look like the outside of a ripe pineapple. It’s very impressionistic, but I thought it turned out pretty neat:

pina colada soap On the Curing Rack: Pina Colada Soap

Pina Colada Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

This soap will be available at Greatcakessoapworks.com on February 27th.

8 thoughts on “On the Curing Rack: Pina Colada Soap

  1. I’m convinced the only reason you sleep is so you can dream of creative soap making. This one is really neat.

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