On the Curing Rack: Caribbean Diva

After asking my Facebook fans for some inspiration, I decided to go with Sharun Fetzer’s suggestion to make a soap with the “elemental” swirl. So called, I believe because the end result is somewhat like fire and water with its vibrant shades of orange and blue. The basic premise is to make two different in-the-pot swirls with a mica line in-between the two layers. I chose to use micas from The Conservatorie, plus a neon orange colorant from Brambleberry.

The scent is Caribbean Diva – my own blend of a super sweet fruity-floral fragrance mixed with creamy coconut. So perfect for this brightly colored soap! Here it is in the mold:

Caribbean Diva ITM2 On the Curing Rack: Caribbean Diva

Caribbean Diva soap in the mold

And the exciting reveal:

caribbea diva On the Curing Rack: Caribbean Diva

Caribbean Diva Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Caribbean Diva tops On the Curing Rack: Caribbean Diva

Swirly tops – Caribbean Diva soap

This fabulous soap will be available at Greatcakessoapworks.com on March 8th!

14 thoughts on “On the Curing Rack: Caribbean Diva

  1. It looks fab Amy! I love everything about it, and I just know it smells incredible!!
    Mel :-)

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